Monday, March 5, 2012

Kidzania: Urbano's School

The photo of role playing:
Little nurse,
Which giving mummy and me,
Complimentary tickets to visit Kidzania~~~~~

@ Kidzania,
Toddler age 1-3 years old,
Can't find much job to be done......
As most of the job minimum requirement:
4 years old ++........
Including to be a nurse......

I still enjoy my time,
As much as my kor kor does.....

A lot of educational games to play,
@ Urbano's school......

Musical instruments that I love to play!~
I tried and love to play ALL!~

The little white piano,
Is still my top favourite!~~~~~~~

Let's see what's my kor kor doing,
While I'm in the school......


  1. Urbano house seems to be fun also!

  2. so cuteee!! Korkor and I went to Urbano house instead. Should have checked out this one, but its too pricey to go in now as everything is not fully established yet and the boys are too small to enjoy, like what u mentioned.

  3. smallkucing, thanks~

    Yee Ling, yup..

    ChinNee, we went to Urbano house, too! Check out my next post...

  4. Urbano house for smaller kids? Looks like there are lots of stuff to do there.