Thursday, May 31, 2012

Little Baby Prince

Since I'm promoted to jie jie.....
I'm introducing......

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mother's Day Gala Night

Was invited by Dream Chorus,
To attend their Mother's Day Gala Night,
@ One World Hotel.....

 Anuar Zain performing on stage......

Our meal.....
Our door gift....

Monday, May 28, 2012

Parenting Times Giveaway - Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Starter Set

Parenting Times is giving away,
1 Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Starter Set,
To one lucky reader of the blog

It comes with one (1) die-cast Hot Wheels car, 
3M Command Strips for mounting 
Plus an easy instruction poster. 

You will need to help your child do the initial set up. 
After that your child can use his imagination,
To create different pathways for his track.

How much is it worth?
The Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Starter set is worth RM159.90

The Hot Wheels Wall Tracks,

Is an innovative range of tracks from Mattel. 
What makes it different from other track sets is, 
This track is mounted on the wall! 

This wall mounted track play system,
Lets your child take his play to new heights, 
Off the floor and onto the wall. 

The track is mounted on the wall,
Using adhesive 3M Command Strips,
Which won't damage your walls.

If you want to win this,
Just hop over to Parenting Times,
To find out how to win it!~

Good luck!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Little 'Monster'

Mummy's been super busy....
After our maid went back to Cambodia......
Kind of miss her~~~~~

I'm mummy's little helper~~~~~~

I could be really helpful;
But sometimes,
I'm such a little 'monster'....

One morning,
Mummy's halfway hanging our clothes.....
She went to the kitchen for a little while,
To check out our porridge she's cooking for us.....
Without maid,
Mummy really need to multitasking to complete all her tasks....

When she come out from the kitchen.....
She saw un-hanged clothes are no longer in the laundry basket,
But all over the living room~~~~~~

Mummy: Oh My!!! What happen to my clothes?
Me: Very good la, why you never look after your clothes.....?
Mummy: .............................

Me and di di are the only two persons in the living room....
Guess who's responsible for the mess!~~~

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fisher-Price's Friend - Belinda Chee

I was invited,
As the youngest media blogger~~~~~
To Fisher-Price Celebrity Announcement!
Look what caught my attention:
Fisher-Price's toys!
Colourful, attractive, educative Fisher-Price's toys!

Almost want to climb up,
To have a seat here........

I'm media blogger and photographer of the day....
Really need to maintain my 'reputation'........
And sit where I suppose to sit...
Dang Dang Dang Dang.......
An inaugural Fisher-Price ambassador-
Belinda Chee!

Belinda first hosted several shows,
On Astro's Hitz.TV as well as 8TV...
She hosted travel shows such as Teman,
And reality show 'The Ultimate Prom Night'...
Belinda is also a sought after event emcee....
She's the lead in short drama - Goodnight DJ, Season 2,
She's in one of the biggest local Chinese productions of the year called:
A Time to Embrace...
Besides that, she also hosted on Astro Supersports!~

And NOW!~
This is Belinda Chee's first ever collaboration,
With the popular infant & preschooler brand,

Signing the poster,
With her sweet lovely sunshine smile,
And her cute little girl, Danielle....

Mummy fully agreed with what Belinda said......
Fisher-price's Rocker is indeed a 'life-saver' for every mother....
Mummy can't imagine,
How she's going to complete all her tasks,
+ looking after kor kor and me,
Without any helpers.........
If di di didn't take his sweet time,
Entertaining himself,
With the little monkey and the little hippo...
Or having his sweetest dreams,
Lying down comfortably,
In this Fisher-price's Precious Planet Newborn-To-Toddler Rocker!~

Ms Wong Lai Kwan,
Brand manager of Mattel South East Asia Pte Ltd mentioned:
Belinda's friendly, energetic and positive appeal,
Fuses well with Fisher-Price's principles and beliefs....

Want to meet Belinda in person?
Belinda will be around,
Together with child development expert:
Ms. Carrie Lupoli, Founder of Live & Learn (Singapore)...
For The Power of 'Interactive' Play Parenting Workshop,
On 16 June 2012 (Saturday) At 10am in Empire Hotel Subang....

For more information or to book your seats,
Kindly contact 03-7803 5310/012-292 1378 

Fisher-Price 'Official' Photographer

I always love to snap photos....
I always grab mummy's cameras,
And snap lots and lots of photos.......

Thanks to Fisher-Price,
I own my very own first camera!~~~~~

Really love the cheerful happy smiley face......
Really love the lights and sounds....
Really love the nice melody of sing-along songs~~~~~
Really love to say 'Smile' or 'Say Cheese'.......
Really love the roller ball to bat at~~~
Really love the toggle button to press....
Really love the roller bead to spin....

I can even control the volume,
For quiet play!~
So cool!!!

I laugh & learn with my Fisher-Price's Learning Camera:
Numbers, Counting, Colours, Greetings, Feelings and many more!~

I'm fully equipped~~~~~
I'm fully ready~~~~~

Stay tune for my next post.......
If you want to know who's the mysterious Fisher-Price's Friend:-
A rising multi-talented artiste:-
The ambassador to Fisher-Price brand in Malaysia!~~~

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Vouchers Giveaway

Just drop me an email:

And let me know which vouchers you prefer:

4x 50% off A Famosa Water World Admission Vouchers (Valid Until: 31/05/2012)
4x 50% off A Famosa Animal World Safari Admission Vouchers (Valid Until: 31/05/2012)
2x RM20 ELC Cash Voucher @ Mothercare (Valid Until: 31/05/2012)
1x RM50 Modernmum Cash Voucher with any purchase of comfort shoes (Valid Until: 30/06/2012)
Starhill Dining Voucher: RM20 off with every dining purchase of RM100 (Valid Until: 04/08/2012)

First come first serve...

Monday, May 21, 2012

Palmer's Educational Gathering

Mummy's attended Palmer's Educational Gathering....

After speech by Paula Turbill,
Business Development Manager of Palmer's Australia...
There's educational session of Skincare Regime:
What to Expect When You're Expecting...

Photo snapping session,
With all the expectant mothers..
Mummy's not up the stage,
During the photo shooting time....
As she just delivered my di di,
But she definitely still need to use Palmer's products,
In order to get rid of her stretch marks!~

Frankly speaking,
Right before this educational gathering,
Mummy and me really thought,
Palmer's only got one and only product for 'stretch mark management'~

Look at their products!~~~~~~
That's a lot!~
They even have products for babies as well:
From Bottom Butter, Nursing Butter,
To Baby Butter and many more.....

Our door gifts!~
Thanks to Palmer's...
We can try out for the range of Palmer's Products......
And we're loving it!~~

We can try out for the range of Palmer's Products......
And we're loving it!~~

Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's Cartoonville!

I'm one of the Finalist,
For It's Cartoonville! Contest,
Organized by Today Publishing...

Ah Hoy Matey!~
Little Princess transform into Little Pirate Izzy!~~~~
You can take a glimpse of my pirate look,
In May 2012 Issue of all Today Publishing's Magazines,
As well as their May 2012 Issue's e-magazines:

The photo was taken,
During my kor kor's kindy's Halloween's Party!~
It's a fun and memorable party!~

I won consolation prize:
RM150 Combi's Products,
And also 3 month's subscription of MomBaby Magazines....

The goodies are just nice,
For my didi to use and play!~~~
I'm a great jie jie, ain't I?

Thanks to Today Publishing & Combi!~

Dutch Lady Get Smart Get Famous Finale

For the first time ever,
I received invitation from Adverlets....

The 3 winning Smart Stories -
Accounts of smartness as performed by the toddlers....

Revealed at the Grand Finale,
Held at Piazza @ The Curve, Mutiara Damansara....

The Finalists.....
Enjoying their great smart time,
On the stage........
Warm special bonding moment.....
Between mother and daughter.....

One of the 3 winners,
Harith Hazeeq,
With Dutch Lady Senior Brand Manager......
Featured on packs of Dutch Lady Growing up Milk......

They'll also received RM50,000 scholarship each,
From Dutch Lady!~

Just look at the smile on the winner's face!~

If you've participated in the 2nd phase,
Of the Get Smart, Get Famous Campaign,
Where the public was invited to vote for their favourite Smart Stories....
You can check if you're one of the winner here!~

Special thanks to Adverlets,
For the special invitation......
Special thanks to Event Photoz...
For the wonderful photos snapped during the event!~

For more official photos on the event,
Check out Dutch Lady Facebook!~

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mothercare 25 years of Parenting...

My mummy always like to shop in Mothercare......
All because she can find everything she wants under one roof,
With the most reasonable price!~

In Mothercare,
You named it,
They have it!~
Tommee Tippee feeding,
Silver Cross strollers,
Baby Bjorn baby carriers,
Mellissa & Doug unique and lovely toys,
Aden & Anais baby wraps,
Top quality shoes - See Kai Run,
Early Learning Centre high-quality toys,
Mothercare Products,
And many many more......

Mothercare is celebrating,
Its 25 Years of Parenting~~~~~~~
And I believe,
There be more and more 25 years to go,
As Mothercare only delivers quality products!~~~

I'll like to highly recommend -
This ELC Tiara -
Princess crown + earrings....
As a little princess,
I only love beautiful things~~~
This is the prettiest crown I'd ever seen....

I fall in love with it,
The moment I saw it in Mothercare......
I request mummy to buy for me, politely......
And mummy said 'Yes!'
Feeling on top of the world,
I own my very first pair of earrings!~

With soft clips on the earrings,
Mummy clip it on my ears gently......
I feels so comfortable wearing it!~
Without any pain.....

Do you know whats the best part about the crown?
When mummy press on the big heart shape in the middle,
It actually blinks with lights!~~~
So AMAZING!~~~~~

We fully support activities organized by Mothercare,
And joined the exciting Wonderland of Mothercare,
Where there's plenty of delights to see and do........
@ Mothercare LC204-205 Level2, Ramlee Mall, Suria KLCC
On 6th May 2012..........
All of us enjoy ourselves so much in the wonderland..........

The most memorable moment for me,
During the event was.........
When the emcee announced my number,
And the judge - Anne Ngasri's giving me a consolation prize.......
During the crowning of,
The Fairest Prince and Princess of Wonderland........

And look!!!!!~
I'm wearing my ELC's princess crown and earrings........
Bought in Mothercare~~~~~
During the event!~

Mummy thinks,
I'm the most beautiful and cute-looking little princess!~
Don't you think so, too???

Friday, May 4, 2012

Writing Chinese

After start showing interest in writing numbers,
I starts to write simple chinese 'bi hua'.......

Starts with the easy 'heng', 'shu'...
And many many more......

Kor kor give me the best compliment....
Saying that I no more scribbling...
And can write proper words d......

Beside that,
My colouring skill also improve a lot...
I can colour within the lines now!~

Mummy's so proud of me, too!~

Kleenex® “Share The Softness” Campaign

I feels so proud,
When I received invitation email,
From Sophia - IN.Deed Communications,
To be a part of.... 
A campaign that advocates the importance of softness,
In our everybody lives,
And encourages sharing,
As a way of showing others that we care.

Arrived just in time -
When I need the World's No.1 facial tissue,
For my lovely new born di di.......

As you all know,
New born babies have the most delicate and tender skin......
As I'm 'promoted' to be a big jie jie now,
And I really love and care about my little brother,
It's my responsibility to share the best things with him -
Kleenex® Facial Tissue,
Which is developed from top quality 100% pure virgin fiber,
Using a novel technology,
To delivery the best in tissue softness and strength....

Every time after he finish drink his nen nen,
I'll wipe his mouth, chin and cheek,
To avoid milk rashes growing on his handsome face.....

I even double checked and confirm that,
It never leave any residue or crumbling on his face!~
Bravo Kleenex® tissue!

Mummy's browsing Kleenex® website,
She shared with me,
Kleenex®'s brand story:
Brand through the decades....

As there's no way I can travel through the time machine,
To participate in Kleenex® tissue's history,
I decided to be Kleenex®'s little model of the day......
And share Kleenex®'s history,
With all my blog readers.......

I pretend that I'm back to 1920's.....
Imitate the postures,
And daddy become my one and only official photographer....
Click click...
Snap snap.....

Of course,
I can't 'stay long in 1990's......
And back to the reality in no time.....

Deep in my little heart,
I promise to myself......
I'll definitely hope I can be a part of Kleenex®'s future...
I'll use only Kleenex® tissue every now and then......
And shared it with everyone I love.....

My darling kor kor,
Take a piece of Kleenex® tissue and wipe my forehead,
Immediately after he saw I'm sweating,
During the 'photography' session.....
He also, caring enough to share the best with me!~

We opened up Kleenex® “Share The Softness” package together,
And noticed, 
Beside 2 boxes of Kleenex® tissue,
With designs inspired by nature and flowers....
And a file / folder and CD with information to write up for the campaign,
We found a bottle of candy!~

The uniqueness of the sweets is
I even found the  Kleenex® wordings 'printed' on the candy....
I can even put the candy on  Kleenex® tissue,
Before the candy goes into my mouth!~

A message sayings:
'Share a candy with people you care about'
And we did what it says....

I feed my kor kor...
My kor kor feed me back.....

And later on,
We give the candy to everyone I love.......
As our loved ones always deserve the best!~

Together with the Kleenex® “Share The Softness” package,
I called this 'Pop corn'....
I play pretend with my kor kor,
To 'cook' and 'eat' and share the 'pop corn',
While watching our favourite Disney Junior...

Let me tell you,
How important of this Share the Softness campaign -
It is  Kleenex® 's way of encouraging Malaysians,
To show that they care, 
And hope that it doesn't end with family and friends,
But also with neighbours, teachers,
And others in our community who make a difference in everyone's lives.

The softness of Kleenex® needs to be experienced,
'Share the Softness' campaign helps to spread that message -
It is designed to be as interactive as possible,
So that they engage with Malaysian of all ages,
Through a variety of channels,
Primarily though social media, online,
As well as on-ground,
And through the broadcast and print platform....

Sharing Through Social Media...
Aside from being able to request,
For the Share packs,
There are also other interactive activities online, too!
Such as special areas where fans can share their thoughts,
On particular topic of the week,
Including topics about the brand and products.
Throughout the year,
You are also eligible to take part in contests,
That will kick off with,
The Kleenex® Moments Contest in May,
With RM14,500 worth of cash prizes,
And Kleenex® products to be won.
The fan page will be a source of information,
As its members will receive a series of parenting and family activity ideas,
And updates on a regular basis.

Sharing with the Less Fortunate…
The Kleenex® Share the Softness campaign,
Not only rewards consumers and their loved ones, 
but also gives back to the less privileged as well.
“Additionally, bringing softness to those who need it most,
Would make the whole idea of sharing even more meaningful,” 
Explains Mr Sumeet Parab. 
“So for every entry in the Facebook Kleenex® Moments contest
Kleenex will donate one pack of tissues to a non-profit organization. 
In fact, 
Consumers can also use this as inspiration,
To reach out to the needy with the softness of Kleenex® – 
It would make a wonderful entry in the Kleenex® Moments contest!”

Sharing On-Ground…
In major retail outlets nationwide, 
Kleenex® reveals the Kleenex® Share bundles,
Specially packaged in sets of five at a recommended retail price of RM12.60, 
So you can buy four and get an extra pack to share with those you care about!
The Share bundles come in limited edition packaging with designs inspired by nature and flowers.  
The series of floral designs incorporate simple garden flowers,
Wich are reinterpreted in a modern way with fresh colour themes,
To emphasize softness, elegance and freshness, 
Giving you another reason to commemorate,
Tthe importance of sharing the softness.  
Consumers can even collect each design as they will change with every quarter!

Special thanks to Kleenex® and IN.Deed Communications,
For allowing me to participate in such meaningful campaign!~