Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's Cartoonville!

I'm one of the Finalist,
For It's Cartoonville! Contest,
Organized by Today Publishing...

Ah Hoy Matey!~
Little Princess transform into Little Pirate Izzy!~~~~
You can take a glimpse of my pirate look,
In May 2012 Issue of all Today Publishing's Magazines,
As well as their May 2012 Issue's e-magazines:

The photo was taken,
During my kor kor's kindy's Halloween's Party!~
It's a fun and memorable party!~

I won consolation prize:
RM150 Combi's Products,
And also 3 month's subscription of MomBaby Magazines....

The goodies are just nice,
For my didi to use and play!~~~
I'm a great jie jie, ain't I?

Thanks to Today Publishing & Combi!~

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