Friday, May 4, 2012

Kleenex® “Share The Softness” Campaign

I feels so proud,
When I received invitation email,
From Sophia - IN.Deed Communications,
To be a part of.... 
A campaign that advocates the importance of softness,
In our everybody lives,
And encourages sharing,
As a way of showing others that we care.

Arrived just in time -
When I need the World's No.1 facial tissue,
For my lovely new born di di.......

As you all know,
New born babies have the most delicate and tender skin......
As I'm 'promoted' to be a big jie jie now,
And I really love and care about my little brother,
It's my responsibility to share the best things with him -
Kleenex® Facial Tissue,
Which is developed from top quality 100% pure virgin fiber,
Using a novel technology,
To delivery the best in tissue softness and strength....

Every time after he finish drink his nen nen,
I'll wipe his mouth, chin and cheek,
To avoid milk rashes growing on his handsome face.....

I even double checked and confirm that,
It never leave any residue or crumbling on his face!~
Bravo Kleenex® tissue!

Mummy's browsing Kleenex® website,
She shared with me,
Kleenex®'s brand story:
Brand through the decades....

As there's no way I can travel through the time machine,
To participate in Kleenex® tissue's history,
I decided to be Kleenex®'s little model of the day......
And share Kleenex®'s history,
With all my blog readers.......

I pretend that I'm back to 1920's.....
Imitate the postures,
And daddy become my one and only official photographer....
Click click...
Snap snap.....

Of course,
I can't 'stay long in 1990's......
And back to the reality in no time.....

Deep in my little heart,
I promise to myself......
I'll definitely hope I can be a part of Kleenex®'s future...
I'll use only Kleenex® tissue every now and then......
And shared it with everyone I love.....

My darling kor kor,
Take a piece of Kleenex® tissue and wipe my forehead,
Immediately after he saw I'm sweating,
During the 'photography' session.....
He also, caring enough to share the best with me!~

We opened up Kleenex® “Share The Softness” package together,
And noticed, 
Beside 2 boxes of Kleenex® tissue,
With designs inspired by nature and flowers....
And a file / folder and CD with information to write up for the campaign,
We found a bottle of candy!~

The uniqueness of the sweets is
I even found the  Kleenex® wordings 'printed' on the candy....
I can even put the candy on  Kleenex® tissue,
Before the candy goes into my mouth!~

A message sayings:
'Share a candy with people you care about'
And we did what it says....

I feed my kor kor...
My kor kor feed me back.....

And later on,
We give the candy to everyone I love.......
As our loved ones always deserve the best!~

Together with the Kleenex® “Share The Softness” package,
I called this 'Pop corn'....
I play pretend with my kor kor,
To 'cook' and 'eat' and share the 'pop corn',
While watching our favourite Disney Junior...

Let me tell you,
How important of this Share the Softness campaign -
It is  Kleenex® 's way of encouraging Malaysians,
To show that they care, 
And hope that it doesn't end with family and friends,
But also with neighbours, teachers,
And others in our community who make a difference in everyone's lives.

The softness of Kleenex® needs to be experienced,
'Share the Softness' campaign helps to spread that message -
It is designed to be as interactive as possible,
So that they engage with Malaysian of all ages,
Through a variety of channels,
Primarily though social media, online,
As well as on-ground,
And through the broadcast and print platform....

Sharing Through Social Media...
Aside from being able to request,
For the Share packs,
There are also other interactive activities online, too!
Such as special areas where fans can share their thoughts,
On particular topic of the week,
Including topics about the brand and products.
Throughout the year,
You are also eligible to take part in contests,
That will kick off with,
The Kleenex® Moments Contest in May,
With RM14,500 worth of cash prizes,
And Kleenex® products to be won.
The fan page will be a source of information,
As its members will receive a series of parenting and family activity ideas,
And updates on a regular basis.

Sharing with the Less Fortunate…
The Kleenex® Share the Softness campaign,
Not only rewards consumers and their loved ones, 
but also gives back to the less privileged as well.
“Additionally, bringing softness to those who need it most,
Would make the whole idea of sharing even more meaningful,” 
Explains Mr Sumeet Parab. 
“So for every entry in the Facebook Kleenex® Moments contest
Kleenex will donate one pack of tissues to a non-profit organization. 
In fact, 
Consumers can also use this as inspiration,
To reach out to the needy with the softness of Kleenex® – 
It would make a wonderful entry in the Kleenex® Moments contest!”

Sharing On-Ground…
In major retail outlets nationwide, 
Kleenex® reveals the Kleenex® Share bundles,
Specially packaged in sets of five at a recommended retail price of RM12.60, 
So you can buy four and get an extra pack to share with those you care about!
The Share bundles come in limited edition packaging with designs inspired by nature and flowers.  
The series of floral designs incorporate simple garden flowers,
Wich are reinterpreted in a modern way with fresh colour themes,
To emphasize softness, elegance and freshness, 
Giving you another reason to commemorate,
Tthe importance of sharing the softness.  
Consumers can even collect each design as they will change with every quarter!

Special thanks to Kleenex® and IN.Deed Communications,
For allowing me to participate in such meaningful campaign!~

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