Monday, June 25, 2012

Poise® 'It Happens To Me' Education Campaign

Kicking off from 24 June,
In Conjunction with World Continence Week,
'It Happens To Me',
Is the fourth consecutive campaign,
By Poise® to further educate,
And Invite women,
To take a proactive stand,
On Light Uninary Leakage (LUL).
@ Allo Paris....

Malaysian women,
Need not to be shy,
About experiencing LUL,
As it is a common condition,
Affecting 1 in 4 women,
At least once in their lifetime.

After Presentation by,
Mr Sumeet Parab,
Marketing Manager of Kimberly-Clark Malaysia,
With Poise® Ambassador and Co-Host, 
Sharifah Shahira......

Poise® introduce their new Poise® Ambassador,
Raja Azura....
And all of us enjoy listening their educative talk show!~

Performing demonstration,
On what's the main different,
Between Poise® and other brand's product.

A range of Poise® products...
Of course,
I won't be using it now.....
As currently.....
Huggies is still one of the best choice of product for me.......
I think mummy is amazed on what Poise® can do.....
After seeing the demonstration!~

The fun doesn't end here.......
As mummy get the chance to attend,
Kegel Exercise Workshop...
Which my kor kor will be blogging about it soon........

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