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Lantern Festival

 It's backdated post.... On how we celebrated our Mooncake Festival.... We went to Central Market..... Enjoying ourselves, With fantastic gymnastic show on the stage.. Chances to playi around games on the booth, By bringing Sin Chew's newspaper headline...... Kor kor is super lucky... As he took the very last free lantern, From Tourism Malaysia...... I'm very happy, To see the long long dragon, And a lots of lion dances... During that night...... Fantastic Magic Show.. @ Another lantern festival celebrations we attended..... Eating a lot of yummilicious  penang food... Unique Lantern Festival Celebration.... Organized by Jade Hills.... With the theme of Once Upon The 60s..... A lot of fun-filled activities, shows, food + free lantern for each kids during the celebrations.... Also, Chinese Puppet Show..... But me and kor kor are too busy.... Playing our new cute lanterns.... And bring our lantern for kids lantern parade!~ Fun fun f

Kleenex® Share the Softness Contest

Come and join, My Kleenex® Share the Softness Contest ... You'll stand a chance to win these  Kleenex® products: Kleenex® Festive Box Packs; Kleenex® Hand & Face Moist Wipes; Kleenex® Hand Sanitizing Moist Wipes; Kleenex® 3-ply UltraSoft Pocket Packs; Kleenex® Vintage SoftPacks; Kleenex® Vintage Pocket Packs; Kleenex® Vintage Value Packs So easy to participate: You just need to leave a comment of: Kleenex® Share the Softness After reading this blog post...... 'Like' my facebook page : With your valid e-mail & fb's name, (For me to contact you if you wins) Last date to submit your entry: 30 November 2012 For your information, Kleenex® is going to donate an amount of money, To Make-A-Wish Malaysia... And the amount is fully depend on YOU! Yes! YOU! As they need the number of confirm entries for the contest.... To tabulate how much Kleenex® will be donating..... No need to buy

Mines Cruise

Off we go..... For a little break..... Cruising around Mines..... :) Meeting 3 black swans... And 2 whilte swans... Lots of ducklings and chicken... And also.... Scary Iguana...... Luxury bungalows, With personal cruise~~~~~ Love the greenery scenery I saw..... As the strong wind blows towards my face.... Blowing my cutie long hair beautifully~~~~~~~ Enjoying the whole cruise trip!~

Doc McStuf V

Introducing...... Doc McStuf V~~~~~ I'm deeply in love with Disney Junior new show: Doc McStuffins .... And calling myself Doc McStuf V~~~~~~~ Mummy bought me this doctor tools...... After she saw my deep interest, In playing pretend to be a Doc...... And I starting singing: Time for your check up, Time for your check up..... While I do check up for everyone in my household... And also every toys at my home.......... Even my di di also, Get excited and love to hear this song, When we hear it in Disney Junior, Or when I sing it especially for him!~

Trick And Treats

A little Jack-O-Lantern, Is definitely not enough......... @ Halloween Costume Tea Party ..... We went trick and treating, @ Cold Storage, Parkson, GSC, Famous Amos, The Cream & Fudge Factory, Big Apple Donuts, Toys R Us, Auntie Anne's, Rotiboy, Poney, MPH, Mothercare, Modernmum, Chakri Xpress, Money Changer, Old Town White Coffee, Fox Custom Tailor, Manhanttan Fish Market & Carrefour!!! I'm very scared of this ware wolf... Looks real, isn't he?  I encounter a lot of big scary spiders, too!~ But still, I had a lot of fun, Playing the games , Wearing my Super girl  costume , Walking around for trick and treating........ @ Halloween Costume Tea Party !

Wikki Bonding Time

Mummy and me's having, Sweet Wikki-bonding-time.... If you don't know what's Wikki Stix is, Do check out our Little Artist blog post here !~ That's mummy and me.... Holding hands...... In our new Wikki-way!~~~~~ My cool new colourful Wikki bracelet.... Made by mummy especially for me... In return, I create a beautiful Wikki-ring, Just for my dearest mummy~~~~~ I made myself a yummy lollipop... While wearing my lollipop shirt....... What I love most is, Our beautiful Wikki-flowers.... I love my Wikki bonding time with my mummy....... Get yourself Wikki Stix , And you, too... Can have precious Wikki bonding time, With your family!~~~~~~ Happy sweet sweet time.... ----------------------------------------------------------- For more information: Visit Wikki Stix Website at Or Wikki Stix Facebook at Facebook/WikkiStixAsia Good News!! Attractive offer just for cre8tone readers: - Special 10% Discount


I I'd watched the movie Brave... Months ago.... Now only got time to blog about it...... After coming back from this movie..... Kor kor and me become extremely obedient... Listen to mummy all the time...... Because we don't want my mummy, To transform into a bear... :p I guess mummy love the immediate effect of the movie.. Hahaha!~ This is also our very first time, To watch movie in Mid Valley Signature... Nice cinema!~ Very comfortable... :)

Christmas Comes Early with Dermalogica

Dermalogica Christmas Gift set ... Is now available @ Aster Spring. ... Perfect gift of style for mummy, And everyone on your list!~  Limited edition Carry-All Bag, Comes free with Dermalogica Skin Health 'Must Haves'.... Pink, orange or green..... Which is your favourite colour? Exclusive Dermalogica 7pc travel set, And colourful travel pouch.... Limited edition toiletry pouch, With body hydrating cream + conditioning body wash.... The cute part is, It comes together with 2 rubber duckies - My new companions for my bath time..... :) Fun fun fun!

KL Mountain Bike Carnival

The starting point for  Kidz Ride...... @KL Mountain Bike Carnival 2012 Helmet is compulsory to wear, During the fun ride~~~~~ We bring our own bicycle...... But you can choose and buy any during the event.. @Taman Lembah Kiara..... Our winning medals..... My very first medal: Junior rider..... Hop over to kor kor's blog , For more photos of the event.... If you'd like to read about... Mountain bikers tips. .. Kindly hop over to