Sunday, October 28, 2012

Kleenex® Share the Softness Contest

Come and join,
You'll stand a chance to win these  Kleenex® products:
Kleenex® Festive Box Packs;
Kleenex® Hand & Face Moist Wipes;
Kleenex® Hand Sanitizing Moist Wipes;
Kleenex® 3-ply UltraSoft Pocket Packs;
Kleenex® Vintage SoftPacks;
Kleenex® Vintage Pocket Packs;
Kleenex® Vintage Value Packs
So easy to participate:
You just need to leave a comment of:
After reading this blog post......
'Like' my facebook page
With your valid e-mail & fb's name,
(For me to contact you if you wins)
Last date to submit your entry: 30 November 2012

For your information,
Kleenex® is going to donate an amount of money,
To Make-A-Wish Malaysia...
And the amount is fully depend on YOU!
Yes! YOU!
As they need the number of confirm entries for the contest....
To tabulate how much Kleenex® will be donating.....

No need to buy anything,
No need to write slogan......
Just share the softness of Kleenex®,
And you'll stand a chance to win Kleenex® products...
At the same time, 
You can even do charity!~

To increase your chances of winning,
You can hop over to my mummy's blog,
As she's giving one more set of products in her blog, too!~


As the festive season approaches, 
be reminded of the little things in life, 
and experience a whole new way 
of spreading good cheer
with Kleenex® Share the Softness Limited Edition Festive Packs, 
which come with one extra for sharing! 
What’s more, 
they are exclusively designed 
with your favourite Disney characters
in cheerful red and green!

You and your little ones 
are sure to be charmed 
by the likes of Winnie the Pooh 
and Mickey Mouse 
with all their friends, 
just as we hope to be surrounded by friends 
of our own this holiday season. 
With Kleenex®
you can be assured that 
your family and loved ones 
are getting unparalleled softness and strength 
from the No 1 facial tissue brand in the world.

The brand new festive packs 
are available from end November onwards 
exclusively in Tesco retail outlets nationwide 
at a recommended retail price of RM12.60. 

remember to check out the Kleenex® Malaysia Facebook page -  
for exciting year-end promotion announcements! J

For consumer enquiry: 
please call Kimberly-Clark Consumer Care-line at 1-800-82-1188 (toll-free) 
on weekdays from 9.00am to 5.00pm.


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  16. The contest is officially closed now. Will announce the winner soon. Do stay tune.