Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Book Review: Not Just a Princess!

Special thanks to I'm a full-time mummy,
I was given a chance to write a book review for...
Not Just A Princess! ( A Mia book)
For your information:
You can get this 32 pages e-book from Amazon...
You can get connected,
With the author via her twitter or facebook, too!
My review:
I really love the way,
How the author, Mary Lee,
Presented this book to her Mia.........
Same like Mia,
I not only always only like to be little princess,
I love to play pretend to be a Doc Mcstuf V,
The next moment,
I'll say 'A-hoy, mateys',
And transform myself into pirate Izzy....
I really can see Mia in me,
Or Me in Mia.....
We have similar thinking!~
Although my mummy,
Is not a great author like Mia's mummy,
She also...
Written down sweet moments,
Of my growing ups~~~~~
In my blog.....
What I love most,
About this e-book is:
It is presented in,
My favourite colours:
Pink and purple!~
Of course,
What makes I love it more is....
I can read it together,
With my dearest mummy.....
If you want to have sweet mummy-daughter reading bonding time,
Don't forget to get your copy of Not Just A Princess from Amazon!~

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