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Birthday Trip

Australia trip, Is especially planned for me, To celebrate my birthday!~   Very beautiful birthday gift, I got from my dua gu +  dua gim + baby J Adding to my Barbie collection, Magician Barbie and Ballerina Barbie in pink shoe!~ Present from Daddy and Mummy!~ Will blog about... My wonderful enjoyable birthday trip, Very very soon!~

Kleenex®'s Pledge An Act of Softness

Softness is definately worth sharing.. Just like Kleenex ® Tissue... The Kleenex ® Share the Softness campaign  Will run from 20 November 2013 till 15 January 2014  And aims to achieve 5,000 pledges,  Upon which Kleenex® will spread the softness  To the underprivileged children of the Fugee School  With a cash donation of RM10,000.  Through this campaign,  Malaysians will be reminded to bring softness into each other’s lives,  And also to the lives of needy children in the Fugee School,  A non-profit charity organisation  That provides basic education  To refugee children from Somalia.   Amongst the hustle and bustle of today’s busy society,  We often tend to over commit ourselves  By wanting to do just about everything  And be everywhere at the same time,  Juggling between work, peers, family and “me” time.  If we are often not making it to get-togethers,  family outings, movie dates and the list goes on,  Then are we getting