Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dermalogica Official Launch Of Daylight Defense System

I love going to the seaside so much.....
Mummy always wish to,
Bring us for more beach outings.....
She always got sunburn,
Leaving her skin dark and dull.......
Her skin is the type,
Very easy to absorb UV from the sun........
She always come back with super dark skin......
And takes ages for her skin to become fair back, 
A little bit....
Well, not really to say 'fair' also.....

She found her 'hero',
Who defence her skin,
From the strong UV lights.......

Dermalogica is officially launching.....
Their very new range of....
Daylight Defense System......

To ensure highest level of protection,
And maintain the elegant skin care feel,
Of its sun protection formulas,
Dermalogica uses 2 sophisticated technologies,
To boost product performance:

1. UV Smart Booster Technology
- Allows essential antioxidants like Vitamin C & E to be encapsulated into a microcapsule that activates only when needed. Vitamins are released when exposed to UV rays, delivering enhanced photo-protection when it is the most needed.

2. Oleosome Technology
- Oleosome are naturally-occuring spheres of emollient oils and Vitamin E found in Safflower Seeds. These unique molecules can deliver active ingredients such as sunscreens, directly to the skin surface, and release them over time to ensure the maximum skin benefits....

The 4 products available in 50ml packing,
In Dermalogica's Daylight Defense System....

Solar Defense Booster SPF50
- For normal skin
- SPF50 broad spectrum
- UV Smart Booster Technology
- Oleosome Technogy
- Chemical Sunscreen
 Oil Free Matte SPF30
- For normal to oily/acne skin
- SPF30 broad spectrum
- UV Smart Booster Technology
- Oleosome Technogy
- Include MediBac Clearing
- Chemical Sunscreen

 Super Sensitive Shield SPF30
- For sensitive, oily skin
- SPF30 broad spectrum
- UV Smart Booster Technology
- UltraCalming Complex
- Hydrating phytochemical blend
- Physical Sunscreen

Super Sensitive Tint SPF30
- For sensitive, dry skin
-SPF30 broad spectrum
-UV Smart Booster Technology
-UltraCalming Complex
-Slightly tinted
-Physical Sunscreen

No more worries......
Mummy and me will be going out,
For more and more beach outings!~
Building more sand castles together.....
And having more splish-splashing bonding time.......

Fun bonding time is just priceless!!!

Sunshine? Sun exposure? UV rays? Sunburn?
No longer in our concern.......
As we're protected against,
Skin's worst enemy.......

Thanks to Dermalogica Daylight Defense System.......
New and improved formulations,
That provide more effective,
Long-lasting and comfortable UV protection,
For every skin type......


  1. so cute your daughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!! got bring yesterday?

  2. Thanks for compliment.. Yesterday didn't bring her... Her napping time during the launch.. :)

  3. Very nice shots ...the dress you all wearing is the same? Where did you buy it?

  4. Baby Darren, yes, it's the same.. bought it online..