Sunday, January 6, 2013

For Barbie Fans

I love Barbie so much!
And keep on ask daddy and mummy,
To bring me see Barbie again...........
We see what we missed,
During our previous visit......

Falls in love,
With this rainbow wings attire.....
So lovely!~

Barbie is wearing....
Short and cute dress....

Contrast comparison,
Between the real barbie dress,
And the real dress.....

Lovely pinky Barbie long dinner dress....

I always love dress,
In my favourite pink colour!~

Don't miss my next post....
As I'm going to write about,
Barbie's Princess and Popstar Live Show!!!


  1. so colourful :) Ashley's favourite is Barbie right now too :P

  2. wow nowadays barbie also all sort of trendy clothes!

  3. mommy to chumsy, all girl's favourite..

    Henry, oh yeah! Very beautiful one!