Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gamila Secret - Entirely Natural!

Gamila Secret:-
Unique combination of
100% natural ingredients:
Selected herbs and oils..
Is made according to age-old traditions....
Is prepared without using....
Any synthetic process....
Is totally free of any industrial by-product..
Has been developed over many years,
By a now-67 year old Druze woman,
From Galilee: Savta Gamila....
For the uninitiated:
Nature and the cosmos,
Are fundamental to the beliefs and traditions of...
The Druze folk of the Galilee.....

If you think you won't like the herbal smell....
You're totally wrong~~~~~~
The handmade soap..
From six of the purest vegetable oils,
And 15 hand-picked herbs,
Actually smell very very nice......
100% natural ingredients,
Have a healing effects within 28 days...
What's great is of Gamila Secret is:
It is non-allergenic for very sensitive or problem skin...

You may use Gamila secret:
In the shower,
In the bath,
Or as a shaving cream....

It is totally suitable,
For your face,
For your body,
And even for your intimate parts...

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From Gamila Secret,
@ their website: http://gamilasecret.my/
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The process of making the wonderful products,
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