Monday, March 25, 2013

OB for Shu Uemura

Shu Uemura,
Is my top favourite brand......
Reminds me on my Japan trip 8 years ago.....
When Shu Uemura's make up consultant in Osaka,
Applying a very perfect make up for me,
With Shu Uemura products..........
That's the way I fall in love with Shu Uemura....
And keep on buying and using ever since....

Super love ob for shu uemura series.....
When I first saw Tammy post up the youtube link...
Always love to read her beauty blog......
Super duper excited,
When I read about her post about a party:
Shu Uemura OB Princess Party For Plusizekitten!!
What makes me more excited is,
When Tammy told me she's inviting me to her party!!!~~~
Thank you so much!!!!!

@ Spring 2013.......
Inspired by Japanese Artist ob,
Shu Uemura launches a dreamy and magical world...
With 4 fairy pretty princesses:
Cherry Blossom *pink - Pore-less smooth skin as the fresh petals of cherry blossom;
Moon *yellow - Luminous soft skin as a hazy moon in Spring night;
Ocean *blue - Bright skin as completely transparent as the ocean;
Forest *green - Vitalized even-toned skin as fresh as the young leaves...
Each princesses is created,
To suit a skincare concern.......

Who's your favourite princess?

Besides the top seller cleansing oils series,
Make up collections are re-packed with spring feelings.....
Pressed eyeshadow powder range of colours........
Rouge unlimited supreme shine lipstick......

Take a look:
At the lovely ocean beads mini fake eyelashes,
And the Sakura flower mini fake eyelashes,
They looks so adorable aren't they?
Putting them on your eyes,
Will surely adding extra charm to your lovely eyes!~

Shu Uemura Superb UV Under base Mosse......
I love this UV Under base so much,
As I can see total different before and after applying it on my face....
They look extra lovely,
With ob princesses on it!~~~~~
Gonna grab this home soon.............

You must be wondering,
How wonderful it is,
And what we've done,
During the princess party...........
Stay tune............

In the meantime,
You may hop over to my little artist's blog,
To have a glance of some one and only limited edition,
Of Shu Uemura's bag.......
Which is actually drawn by bloggers,
During the princess-ful event!~

Special thanks to plusizekitten again,
For the wonderful invitation to the princess-ful event!~~~~~


  1. I love Shu Uemura too..**envy**

  2. The packaging is so cute and adorable. Wait! They gave u for free for attending the event?

  3. the bottles looks cute~ XD

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  4. Sherry, yearp! Very fun!

    Yee Ling, :)

    Diana Diane Teo, Nope... they're giving us something else nicer!~ :)

    Mr Lonely, super cute! Love it so much!~

    Mery, yearp...

  5. Diana, we got this for attending the princess party!~ Lovely!~