Monday, April 29, 2013

Animals @ Farm In The City

After great adventure,
@Turtle and Tortoise Farm,
@Farm In the City....
We didn't expect to see this:

The World's Second Smallest Species of Kangaroo!~
It's so cute!~
And it's very shy, too!~
The little kangaroo hop away.......
As me and my little friends are trying to approach it!~
Don't be scared little kangaroo.....
We don't look very scary,
Don't we?

 We also saw the world's largest rabbit!~

And feeding lots and lots of rabbits!~
Not with carrot,
But with vegetables!~

We enjoy ourselves,
Feeding the little hamsters, too!~

Highlight animals of the day:

My first time,
Seeing this animal for real!~

The farm-keeper,
Feeding the goat........
The goat can stand up,
With two legs!~

Last but not least,
The activity we enjoyed the most!~
I found it so difficult to catch the fish,
And I requested mummy to help me.....
It looks easy,
But it's actually a difficult task!~
We failed to catch any fishes...
But we enjoy just looking at the fishes swimming around!~

Taking a glimpse of beautiful scenery,
@ Mood's Lake...
Before we headed home!~

Such a memorable trip..
To Farm In The City!~
Oh yah!~
Just to mention:
All the children,
Are honoured with,
Certificate of attendance, too!~
Cool, right?

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