Monday, April 29, 2013

TT Instaneous Brightening Cooling Mask

I feels so honoured,
To be part of the biggest mask review party......
In collabration with PlusizekittenThe Butterfly Project!~

Love the icy cold blue packing....
Of the cooling masks they sent to me....
I really need some 'snowy effect' for my face,
During hot hot weather in the noon!~

Timeless Truth Instaneous Brightening Cooling Mask.....
Specialized weaving technology,
Enables the mask perfectly,
To fit the face without any dead zone...
The non adhensive cuts make serum 100% absorb by skin pores!~

What I love most about this mask............
Lots of extra essence!~~~

After pressing the mask lightly with both hands,
Until it adheres completely....
I can actually use the remaining essence,
To gently massage it into my skin!~

I even use the extra essence...
To apply it on my neck + hands.......
That's what I call extra's extra essence!~

Love the cooling icy minty snowy effect....
And the immediate brightening effect,
And the soothing, refreshing feelings...
Right after applying the mask!~~~~~~

What are you waiting for?
Get your piece of mask,
From Timeless Truth Malaysia NOW!~
And join our Mask Party!~

On your mask!~
Get set..
Go Go Go!!!~


  1. esok cuti Labour day :) can chillax at home wear the mask :P

  2. Illy, then my kids will be coming and ask.. mummy, what happen to your face.. hahahaha~