Thursday, May 30, 2013

Safety Rangers Workshop

Attended Safety Rangers Workshop,

I still can remember,
Emcee Cody was there with us,
I attended together with my kor kor.....

This round,
He's teaching us about,
All the child safety precautions,
That we need to know,
As a kid!~
Very useful information!~

Meeting Leo and Leona,

I'm no longer afraid of them....
I even give Leo a big big hug!~

Time to pledge!~

The best part of this workshop is.....
They didn't really just talk about it theoretically,
We really go to the car park,
And experience all the safety precautions practically!~

Learning the correct way,
To go up and down the escalator!~

Since I always have phobia in.....
Standing on the escalator!~
I'm going to fully implement it,
The next time I go shopping!~
I'm a brave brave girl now..
As I know how to go up and down the escalator safely!~

The important people of safety,
In Sunway Pyramid management!~

Q&A session!
The children really pay attention..
And the practical part is really helpful....
Everyone also wanted to answer the question,
And everyone also get the answer correctly....
No chance to get the little gift for answering the right questions...
Since I'm not outstanding enough to be chosen to answer it,
In front of every safety rangers....

Last but not least,
A group photo...

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