Monday, June 3, 2013

Barbie Fashion Designer + Giveaway

If you're following my blog,
You'll know that,
 I'm a Barbie Super Fan!~

I'm thrill-fully happy,
When mummy told me,
I was selected to be:
Barbie's Official Fashion Designer!!!~~~

Let's see....
What's inside my Barbie Fashion Design Plates....
20 pieces of kit included:

6 Double-sided plates featuring various patterns and accents,
3 Reusable transfer papers to transfer to pattern to your dress,
2 Pieces of variety stickers to add the glittery-effect for the dress!~

4-choices of colourful markers!~
To complete your design with fabulous colours and accents!~

Of course,
Not to forget the most important Barbie,
With 3 fitted dress to decorated:-
One-shoulder look,
Or two-stripped dress in different shades of pink!~

Accessories with silvery statement necklace, bracelet, handbag,
And pink shoes, with ruffly ankle straps!~

Let me teach you,
How to become a Barbie Fashion Designer,
With 4 simple steps!~
Design, Transfer, Reveal, Decorate!

Designing really need some sparks of creativity,
And thus,
I'm showing this serious face of mine.......
While coming up with my very own designed dress,
Especially for my Barbie!~

I'm really concentrating in....
Transfering the design,
Into my pink Barbie dress.....

Wondering how I transfer the design?
Another 4-simple-steps:
Step1: Place the dress into the designed-plate.
Step2: Place the charcoal paper on top of the design.
Step 3: Cover it up with the pink frame.
Step 4: Rub firmly all over the dress, by using the pink swiping tool provided....

Time to reveal my fabulous design...
Giving the camera a-proud-look,
Together with my just-done-design!~
Looks fashionable isn't it?
Is it done?
Of course not......

Time to add some colours,
To my lovely design......

How's it looks like now?
Added glam to the dress!~
Little mistake I made:
While doing the colouring....
I forgot to put my dress,
Inside the card board provided......
While I'm colouring the front part of the dress,
Some of the colour goes through the back part of the dress....

Little advice for future Barbie Fashion Designers!~
Remember to put your dress on the card board,
Before you start colouring with the markers!

Let's continue.......
I decided to add up some sparkly stickers,
To my pinky dress!~

Can't wait to see my final outcome?

Oh my goodness!!!~~~
Is that my kor kor?
Having fun with my Barbie?!~

Every time I took out my Barbie and play,
He never ever wants to even touch it....
As he personally thinks that Barbie is too girlie for him to play with!~
And now......
Looks who wants to become Barbie Fashion Designer, too???!!!~

My kor kor's design.....
Not bad for a-first-time-boy-designer huh?

Wearing my dress,
For my lovely Barbie!~
Final touch.....
Carefully wears the stylish pink shoes for her!~

Ta da!!!
The front and back of my Barbie's new dress!~
With Little Princess,
Oh yes! That's me...
As her Official Fashion Designer!!!~

Feels like want to design a dress for Barbie, too?
Here's your chance,
To win yourself a Barbie Fashion Design Plates!~
I'll be giving away 3 sets of Barbie Fashion Design Plates,
To 3 most creative and aspiring young designers...
Thanks to Barbie, Mattel, Inc!~

Giveaway Details:
1) Must be a fan of cre8tone's facebook.
2) Have some fun time playing mix-and-match and wear the most outstanding attire for your Barbie doll.. If you don't have a Barbie, you can borrow it from your friends or even me!~ You could wear your Barbie with her existing clothes or you can even design a new one for her! It's really up to you to decide!
3) Snap a photo of your Barbie with her most charming attire, and email to together with your personal details: Parent's Name, Child's name, email address, Contact Number, Address and Facebook ID.

Submit your entry by 23 June 2013!~
And win yourself a Barbie Fashion Design Plates!~

Good luck!!!~~

You can view all the Barbie with creative attire,
At my facebook page now......


  1. Yeap.. We enjoyed as much as our little girl did.. haha!~

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  3. Kor Kor really gifted with fashion sense! Bravo!

  4. Nice design there by your kids! :D