Wednesday, June 5, 2013

HiShop May Surprise!

My HiShop May Surprise!~
It's really a big box...
At least,
It's much bigger than last month's...

That explained why...
The box is bigger...
I received 2 full-sized actual products!~

Scent Affair's Almond Oil Fragrant Bodywash...
Unique CoRe formulation was created,
For everyday personal care in mind.
CoRe will gently clean your skin whilst,
Giving the anti-bacterial protection,
To every family's need...

With added natural Aloe Vera moisturiser,
For extra hydration,
Makes CoRe suitable for whole family,
No matter young or old...

Together with specially selected premium fragrances,
CoRe will leave everyone,
Feeling clean, protected and smells great!~

If you're following my blog,
You'll probably know that,
My mummy suffers from serious backache back then...
HiShop is caring enough,
To send my mummy,
Heaven On Earth Aches & Pain Relief Body Massage Blend...
A rejuvenating body massage oil,
To stimulate, relax and nurture your soul,
Tantalising your senses,
To help you feel good again,
After a long day...

Aches & Pain Relief,
Is known as an anti-inflammatory,
And anti-rheumatic blend.
A soothing blend,
To ease any general type of joints or muscles discomfort...

Formulated in Australia!~

Thanks HiShop!
For sending such a personalized caring surprising box of the month!~
Looking forward for next month's surprises!~