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The Spa Party - Pink N' Proper

Spotted Be My Prom Station...... Especially brought to everyone at the spa beauty, By Pink N' Proper .... Pink N' Proper , Who's specialized in UK Highstreet clothing brands.... Displaying stylish beautiful clothes, @ Be My Prom Station... Who will be Pink N' Proper's Next Top Model? 12 beautiful models aka bloggers.... Giving their best poses..... During the fashion show, @ the spa party!~ You girls really looks superbly pretty.... In Pink N' Proper outfit!~ Presenting...... Arisa Chow... Pink N' Proper's  Next Top Model!! Look at how she showcase her outfit....... Really looks like a professional model!~ Congrats Arisa!~ Remember to hop over to Pink N' Proper , To view their latest collections of unique outfit!~ And purchase your favourite clothes!~ Special thanks to all the sponsors... To make the spa party an successful event: The Butterfly Project Posh! Nail Spa Idea Food Solution Fotobox The

The Spa Party - DIY Station

Special thanks to Ayna, For giving us, Step-by-step instruction, To complete what we suppose to complete!~ First Step:  Add Salt... Second Step:  Add Food Colouring... Third Step: Stir well....    Fourth Step: Add Aroma oil... Fifth Step: Add Lemon Grass..  Sixth Step: Stir and mix everything.... Final Step: Decorations!~ Special thanks to all the sponsors... To make the spa party an successful event: The Butterfly Project Posh! Nail Spa Idea Food Solution Fotobox The Body Shop Malaysia Havaianas Johnson-Johnson Pink N' Proper Only Beauty TT Mask Malaysia Tres Chic - The Party Planner

Bloop Nail Art

During Shills Bright Me Love Me Product Launch .... Everyone have the chance to pamper themselves, With beautiful nail art, From Bloop ! @Love me Parlour station.. There's so many choices of colours, To choose from!~ Remember to wait, Until the nails are fully dry up... For complete and perfect manicure!~

The Spa Party - Aspen Spa

Remember The Spa Party I went, Few weeks ago? We have the choice of, Doing facial, Or having shoulder massage... @ Aspen Spa ..... Which is located, Just upstairs of.. Posh Nail Spa Very comfortable environment... With super big bathtub...............  Love their simple decoration... Plus lots of products~~~~~  If you plan to do facial here.... You can have a glimpse of, What equipment they'll be using.... I choose to have a shoulder massage.. Since I just had my facial few days ago... Plus, I desperately need a massage, Since I'm feeling so tired........... What I can tell you is... It's not only good.. It's really great!!!~ Well... At least, It really have the magic to chase away, All my tiredness..... Special thanks to all the sponsors... To make the spa party an successful event: The Butterfly Project Posh! Nail Spa Idea Food Solution Fotobox The Body Shop Malaysia Havaianas Johnson-Johnson Pink N'

Vanity Trove July 2013 - Infinite Youth is Possible with KOSE

It's time... To unbox.... Vanity Trove July 2013! Infinite Youth is Possible, With KOSE Presenting.... Robin Niu, As KOSE Ambassador, & Taiwanese Famous Beauty Guru.... Discover the secret, To maintaining eternal youth, With the Exclusive and Limited Edition, KOSE x Vanity Trove Edition!~ Pure Advance Oil Cleansing Gel ... The Unique gel formula, Spreads smoothly on skin, And turns into oil swiftly... Effectively removes makeup, And dirt from face, And unblocking pores, For smoother and brighter skin. Massage a cherry-size of Oil Cleansing Gel, Gently on face and neck, Rinse thoroughly with water. Pure Advance Oil Cleansing Gel: RM119.00 (120g) Pure Advance Clear Up Wash Follow up with the luxurious texture, Of Meringue-like bubbles of the Clear Up Wash, To remove any excess make up and sebum from skin. Leaving behind clearer skin and smaller pores. Wet palms and dispense an appropriate amount, To create a generous lather, Massage g

Cute Slippers!~

Special thanks to my lao khor.... And her family.... For buying this super cute slippers for me...... And added another pair, For my kor kor!~ After his personal request!~ The slippers don't only look cute... It's very comfortable to wear, too!~ The cutest part is.... Funny voices will comes out.... When we press the little blue/pink creatures on the slippers!~ Unlike other slippers with sound...... It'll 'voice' up when we walk.... Too noisy and irritating!~ With this slippers, We can play with it, With the cute noise, Anytime we want... Just with a single press!~ Well, Don't ask me what brand it is... I actually have no idea!~ I just love it!~

Ronald Hello Kitty

Last but not least, My top favourite.. Hello Kitty... Ronald McDonald.. Hello Kitty!~~~~~~~~~ Coming up next: Minions collections!~~

Shills Bright Me Love Me

Shill  is having new range of products: Bright Me & Love Me!~ Emcee of the day.... During Shills Bright Me Love Me Product Launching ... Opening dance of Shills Bright Me Love Me Product Launching ....... By talented young girls!~ There's free samples, To try on...... Shills Bright Me range of products... Which consists of: Shills Bright Me Whitening Lotion, Shills Bright Me Gentle Exfoliating Scrub, Shills Bright Me Soothing Moosse, Shills Bright Me Instant Hair Removal Moosse, Shills Bright Me Bubble Body Scrub, Shills Bright Me Acne Care Body Spray... You may zoom in the picture above, For full details of the products.. Including their selling price!~  Shills Love Me's range of product.....  Which consists of: Shills Love Me Feminine Whitening Cream, Shills Love Me Sexy Pink, Shills Love ME Feminie Wash, Shills Love Me Feminie Spray...  Beautifully wrapped into gift sets... You may zoom in th

Papa Bread

We started our bread project, And draw our own version of bread.... Mummy's wondering... Why my bread is so special.... As it looks more like a colourful fish.... Than a normal bread.... Well.. Let me tell you why... It is tuna rainbow bread... And it's special papa bread!~ Cool huh?

Get Naked With Dermalogica

Get Naked With Dermalogica... Kicks off with... Wonderful singing performance by... Atilia Haron & Salamiah Hassan!~ Speech from Roderich Chieng, Chief Executive Officer of Esthetics International Group (EIG) Bhd... Followed by presentation, From Jesie Hong, Group Education Manager...... Chong Tzin Nui, Seniur Regional Marketing Manager, For Dermalogica at EIG Bhd... Unveiling the 10 bestselling 'Naked' Stars! 10 Bestselling 'Naked' Stars!~ You'll be amazed with what the 'Naked' stars done to your skin, Right after you try it!~ I personally think it's superb!!!  Interview session, With 7 local celebrities, Who 'Got Naked' with Dermalogica! Thanuja Ananthan, who love Skin Hydrating Masque so much! Steve Yap, whom favourite is the Special Cleansing Ge l.... Joanne Yew, who love MultiVitamin Power Serum as much as she love her fair and youthful-looking skin... Atilia Haron, felt silky-smooth skin a