Thursday, November 28, 2013

Kinohimitsu Luau Party @ Villa Manja

 Mummy her very first Hawaiian party:-
Kinohimitsu Luau Party,
@ Villa Manja Spa...
With lots of beautiful butterflies!~

Registration counter...
With beautiful neck flowers...
To be given to all butterflies!~
We're all totally in Hawaiian mood!~

Special thanks to the party's sponsor:

Kind of surprise,
They actually have really wide range of products!~

It's kind of relaxing...
Drinking kinohimitsu 'mocktail',
While having neck and shoulder massage,
@Villa Manja Spa!~

Look what I found,
Kinohimitsu nicely decorated as green flower...

And a Kinohimitsu tree!~

Really love the amazing Kinohimitsu Beauty Bar..
So trendy, so blue-ish, so cool!~

Loves the cupcakes, too!
It's so colourful, so beautiful, so sweet and so yummy...

We took so many photos.... photo booth!
It'll be a great memories,
Looking back at the photos we taken,
During the party day......
From caterpillars to butterflies....

What's a party without games?
It's so much fun,
To play games together,
With all pretty butterflies!~

Spokepersons of Kinohimitsu!~
Making a special appearance,
At the party!~

 It's time to spin & win!~

 And walk away with great big prizes!~

Congratulations to mummy's new friend:

Heartiest congratulations to Teacher Yin!~

 Announcing the top 3,
Best dress of the day..

 They looks so pretty, isn't it?

Love the way she dance!~

Last but not least....
Best Instagram Photo Share!~

Thanks Mamasan Tammy,
For everthing!~

See what's she receiving?
A cert for everybody in the party!~
I never knew attending a fun-filled party,
Will be 'granted' and 'recognized' with a certificate!~
Didn't win anything in the party....
But the door gift is great enough!~
Bio-Booster is really amazing!~
Mummy drank it early in the next morning,
With empty stomach.....
Such a refreshing drink,
That helps to replenish good bacteria,
Improve digestion and nutrient absorption,
Improve immnue system,
And clear off harmful bacteria and toxins...
Wanna try some?

Kinohimitsu J'pan Bio-Booster,
 The first and only symbiotic-organic blend,
That enhances our body,
To absorb nutrients,
By more than 2 times!!
It is power-packed,
With an excllusive blend,
Of high-performance pro-biotics, pre-biotics and vitamins,
That empowers us to obtain the nutrients and benefits,
From t he food and supplement for better and faster results!~

What a wonderful Hawaiian Luau Party!~
What a excellent new product - Kinohimitsu J'pan Bio-Booster!~

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

DETTOL Radiance Body Wash

Dettol is a brand for trusted protection,
Against a wide range of unseen germs...

What I love about this product is.........
The aroma!!
It's smell so nice!!!!!!~~

This all-new Dettol Radiance Body Wash....
Reveals the inner radiance of skin,
Leaving it glowing with health...
It has a unique blend of Vitamin B3 & C,
Which helps rejuvenate and purify your skin for it,
To regain its radiance...

Reveal your skin’s inner glow today 
With Dettol Radiance and bid dry, dull skin goodbye.   
Here’s to healthier, more hydrated and germ-free skin!  
All Dettol products are dermatologically-tested 
And are proven to be kind to skin.

Dettol Radiance Body Wash is now available 
In 250 ml, 625 ml and 950 ml bottles 
At all major pharmacies, super markets 
And hypermarkets nationwide, 
From RM8.50 to RM21.90.

For more information, 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas With Santa Hermo

I know it's still November....
But I'm already in Chistmas mood!~

I'm going to make a Christmas wish,
With Santa Hermo........
Together with Butterfly Project....

Are you getting ready for Christmas with Hermo?
- Worthy Gift Card,
- Spin to win prizes!
- Super Value Christmas Gift Set....

I'm more than ready for it!~
Here comes my wish list from

Item 1:
Di Palomo - Orange Blossom Liquid Soap 250ml [with Wild Honey & Olive]
Price: RM59.00
I'll really love to keep my hand clean and nourish,
With a rich and luxurious liquid soap,
Formulated using the finest ingredients,
Every time after my art and craft session
Or even my cooking session....

Item 2:
Skin Food Milk Shake Nail 8g [ #WH01 Shooting Star Shake]
Price: RM19.90
This Christmas,
I wish I could pamper my nails....
With glitter nail polish
Contained in a cute baby milk bottle
To create cute and lovely nailsmin a milky.

Dreams coming true?
Truly depending on Santa Hermo
To grant my wish!~
Merry Christmas, everyone!

Sofia The First's The Royal Prep Week

Remember my kor kor's post...
Guess what?!
Sofia The First is having....
The Royal Prep Week!~

Monday to Friday, 
December 2 to 6, 
10.00am (encore at 6.30pm), 
Disney Junior (ASTRO Channel 613)

Take a seat for five days of..
Sofia the First episodes...
Highlighting the adventures of 
Little Princess Sofia 
And other young princesses and princes 
At the Royal Preparatory Academy 
As they learn the ropes to becoming true royalties.   

And school begins with the debut of a new episode,  
The Amulet of Avalor on December 2  
What will happen to Sofia 
When she loses the power to understand her animal friends 
With her magical amulet gone missing?!

Sofia the First is an enchanting, 
Music-filled animated Disney Junior television series 
For the whole family. 
Set in the storybook world of Enchancia, 
The movie introduces Sofia, 
An average girl whose life,
Suddenly transforms,
When her mother marries the king 
And she becomes a princess, Sofia the First. 
Sofia must learn to navigate 
The extraordinary life of royalty 
While holding on to her own hopes and dreams. 
Her journey to being the best she can be also paves the way 
For those around her to realize how special they each are. 

Helping Sofia in her journey are 
The three headmistresses of Royal Prep Academy - 
Fauna, Flora and Merryweather 
(the beloved fairies seen in Disney's classic "Sleeping Beauty") 
And royal steward, Baileywick, 
As well as a group of cute woodland creatures 
Led by a wise-talking rabbit, Clover. 
Sofia lives in the castle with her mom, 
And her step-father, King Roland II, 
And step-siblings, Amber and James. 
Sofia soon discovers that looking like a princess 
Isn't all that difficult, 
But displaying honesty, loyalty, courage, 
Independence, compassion and grace 
Is what makes one truly royal. 

Created for kids and their families, 
The stories of Sofia the First 
Communicate positive messages and life lessons 
That are applicable to young children.   
While she lives in a captivating world of 
Castles, wizards and flying horses, 
Sofia remains a relatable peer-to-peer princess 
Who is experiencing many of the same social situations 
As young viewers at home 
Including learning how to fit in, 
Making new friends 
And mastering new skills.

As a princess wanna-be,
I learn together with Sofia The First.......
How to become a good princess!~
I always try to pose and walk,
As gracefully as possible..... 
Every little elegance and refinement in movement,
Makes me one step closer to be a real princess!~

I always try to show my compassion,
To everyone!~
Even to the little animals.....
I'm pretty happy to feed the little rabbit,
Who are starving in hunger...

Mummy is kind of afraid that,
I might fall...
But as a princess wanna be..
I have full courage and very confident,
On what I'm doing!~
I'm one brave little girl!~

I'm very independent...
I can draw by myself,
I can write by myself,
I can read by myself, too!~

One great little attitude I should have,
To be a little princess.....
I share delicious food with my kor kor..
I share my toys with my friends.......

What do you think?
Am I a good princess?
Just like Sofia The First.......