Wednesday, December 4, 2013

GUESS Kids Holiday Collection

GUESS Kids Holiday Collection....

The dress is adorable!~
Isn't it?

The jeans are stylish....
Aren't they?

 The jackets are awesome!~

How I wish this is exactly
What's in my wardrobe....

So what do you think?
Love their new holiday collection?
I bet you'll...

Go grab some of these,
And put it in your own wardrobe...
Wanna see kids wearing those beautiful outfit?
Hop over to my didi's blog...

Guess what?
I think I better start packing my luggage,
For my birthday oversea trip!~
Happy holiday, everyone!


  1. nice, what's the price range? so nice going vacation:D Hide me in your luggage

  2. yeah, what's the price, i heard that guess was expensive

  3. Sherry, if you have confidence can pass through the immigration, why not? hahahaha~

    Mr Lonely, luxury brand with luxury price.. :)

    LeeAnne, Thanks!~