Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Sompoton Spa

Signature Massage,
@ The Sompoton Spa,
In Intercontinental Hotel....

 Choices of oil:
For Muscle Ease,
Rejuvenate, Relax or Refresh!~
 Using Esse Organic Skincare products....

The environment is very relaxing and comfortable.....
A cup of pandan tea served,
Before and after the massage...

Dragon Dance & Lion Dance

Enjoyed viewing...
Our very first dragon dance of the year!~
Love the pinky dragon dance...
And the way how the team coordinates themselves..
Simply amazing!~

Besides dragon dance,
Lion dance is one of my favourite, too!
Though I dare not stand near the lion,
But I enjoyed every single moment,
Just watching the way they 'dance'!~

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Shills Rose Essential Pampering Travel Kit

Shills Rose Essential Pampering Travel Kit,
Consists of:-
1. Damascus Rose Extract Nourishing Shower Gel wash,
2. With Flower Pattern Bath Ball....
     - Helps cleansing skin.
3. Damascus Rose Spark Serum Shampoo,
    - Cleanse and repair hair...
4. Damascus Rose Nourishing Body Lotion,
    - Moisturize and brighten skin...

Flower pattern bath ball,
Is designed to pamper every inch of skin,
To wash away fatigue from travel,
Making every bathing experience,
A luxurious experience!~

Rose Essential Hydraging Shower Gel (50ml)
Gentle and delicate foam texture cleanse dirt on skin,
The small molecute of hyaluronic acid and aloe extract,
Keep skin long-lasting moisturized.
Avocado oil which is high in Vitamin E,
Makes skin fresh and soft after bathing.
I super love the rosey smell on my body,
After a rosy bath with Shills!~

Rose Essential Moisturizing Shampoo (50ml)
Delicate foam texture can thoroughly cleanse scalp and hair.
The small molecule hyaluronic acid , aloe extract keep the hair hydrated,
And continuing elegant fragrance of roses......

Rose Essential Nourishing Body Lotion (50ml)
Luxurious rose extract,
With relaxation aromatherapy body lotion.
The jojoba oil and Vitamin E,
Can effectively moisturize and soothe dry skin,
Making skin soft and delicate to prolong period of time!~

What's so wonderful about this whole set of travel kit?
It's so convenient to bring along during each and every one my travel..
Making me feeling fresh with the smell of pinky rosey,
From top to toe!~
~ Feeling pinky wonderful!~


Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dumex Mamil All 'n One: "Dance with Hi-5"

I know it's camera trick........
But I'm still super excited,
To see myself dancing together...
With Hi-5!!!~

I'm happy to see,
My didi is even more thrill-fully happy,
To see us in the tv with hi-5,
When mummy played it at home...

Thanks Dumex Mamil,
For bringing Hi-5 to Malaysia..
And the chance for us,
To meet our idols in person!~

Friday, January 10, 2014

Johnson's Baby Media Roundtable Interview

Johnson's Baby,
With clinically proven mildness,
+ Own Signature of Love........
Is presenting....
Johnson's Baby Media Roundtable Interview...
With Dr Leong Kin Fon....

Mummy attended....
Johnson's Baby Media Roundtable Interview,
Together with Butterfly Bloggers,
Illy, Sherry, Jane and Rane....

What suits you may not suit your child...
Do you know why?!~
I know now....
As Dr Leong gave mummy,
Very clear explanation,
During the interview session...

MC of the day...
Whom also is a caring and loving mother...

Roundtable Moderator,
Dr Leong Kin Fon,
Pediatric Dermatologist,
Pediatric Department of Hospital Kuala Lumpur...
With his interesting Spongebob presentation slide....

Dr Leong clearly explained,
How toddler's skin is still not ready,
For adult cleansers....
And the continuous need,
To keep toddler's skin moisturized....

Factors to consider in formulating,
And ideal baby cleanser are:
- Have a basic in scientific evidence,
- Be mild and gentle,
- Be effective,
- Be safe...

I personally think that,
Johnson's Baby fulfilled all the factors...
That's why....
Me and my siblings had been using 
Johnson's baby since infant...

Sharing of Johnson's Baby Science,
By Irene Cheah,
Group Band Manager of Johnson's Baby......

It's not really surprising...
If I tell you:
My mummy's mummy was Johnson's Baby;
My mummy was Johnson's Baby, too;
And I'm a Johnson's Baby now...

Johnson's Baby with 119 Years of Science,
Is a trusted brand,
Passing from generations to generations....
With their expertise in Defining Baby Care,
And a very strong commitment to Safety and Performance...

With important scientific milestones of Johnson's Baby:
No More Tears & Clinically Proven Mildness,
There's no doubt that,
Johnson's Baby understands how babies' skin, hair and eyes,
Are different from and more vulnerable than adults'.....

Dr Leong and Irene Cheah,
Posing with Johnson's Baby Cleansing Range:

Johnson's Baby Bath -
Gentle cleanses baby's skin,
While keeping it moisturized
And  fragrant
With its Clinically Proven Mildness formula
That won't dry baby's delicate skin like soap.

Johnson's Baby Peach Bath -
Enriched with natural Peach essense,
To keep baby feeling silky smooth, fresh and fragrant...

Johnson's Baby Bedtime Bath -
Enriched with soothing Naturalcalm essense,
It is part of the Johnson's Baby Bedtime Routine,
Which has been clinically proven,
To help baby sleep better though the night.

Johnson's Baby Cooling Bath -
With No More Tears formula,
Is enriched with honeysuckle extracts,
That refreshes and cools your kid's skin after each bath.

Johnson's Baby Milk + Rich Bath -
Double the amount of natural milk protein,
With Vitamins A & E.
It gently cleanses while helping to nourish the skin,
Leaving it feeling smooth and fair.

What are you waiting for?
It's time for bubbly Johnson's Baby bath time!~

As I mentioned previously,
Johnson's Baby have their very own.....
Signature of Love....

I have my own Signature of Love, too!~
My Signature of Love is:
Sharing the best things of life with my loved one....
That's why I share my Johnson's Baby Bath,
With my little brother....

My didi truly understands,
The spirit of my Signature of Love...
And he's offering to share,
His Johnson's Baby Bath,
With everyone..................

The blue one is his favourite though:
Johnson's Baby Blue Bath:-

Monday, January 6, 2014

Hi-5 with Dumex Mamil

A big thanks to Dumex Mamil,
For bringing our idol - Hi5,
To Malaysia.......

We're all thrilled,
To see the merchandises,
In KL Performing Art Centre....
Can't wait to meet Hi-5 for real!!!~~~~~
Check out my didi's blog for the House Party!~

Let's see....
What kind of surprise,
Dumex Mamil arranged for us.......
We're going to dance 5-food-group with Hi-5,
And they'll be sending over the video with us and Hi-5!~
Super cool isn't it?

Last but not least,
Photo opportunity with Hi-5!~
Me and my didi is so excited,
To meet and greet and 'Hi5' with Hi-5!~