Monday, January 6, 2014

Hi-5 with Dumex Mamil

A big thanks to Dumex Mamil,
For bringing our idol - Hi5,
To Malaysia.......

We're all thrilled,
To see the merchandises,
In KL Performing Art Centre....
Can't wait to meet Hi-5 for real!!!~~~~~
Check out my didi's blog for the House Party!~

Let's see....
What kind of surprise,
Dumex Mamil arranged for us.......
We're going to dance 5-food-group with Hi-5,
And they'll be sending over the video with us and Hi-5!~
Super cool isn't it?

Last but not least,
Photo opportunity with Hi-5!~
Me and my didi is so excited,
To meet and greet and 'Hi5' with Hi-5!~


  1. I no have chance to snap photos with High 5 team..
    me also just post my High 5 house party here.

  2. LeeAnne, we're in the same place same time for so many times but never met in real.. :p

  3. it was sure fun . Nice seeing you there

  4. Small Kucing, nice meeting you there, too!

  5. Looks fun, like family pic, eh,.. Where koko?