Thursday, January 23, 2014

Shills Rose Essential Pampering Travel Kit

Shills Rose Essential Pampering Travel Kit,
Consists of:-
1. Damascus Rose Extract Nourishing Shower Gel wash,
2. With Flower Pattern Bath Ball....
     - Helps cleansing skin.
3. Damascus Rose Spark Serum Shampoo,
    - Cleanse and repair hair...
4. Damascus Rose Nourishing Body Lotion,
    - Moisturize and brighten skin...

Flower pattern bath ball,
Is designed to pamper every inch of skin,
To wash away fatigue from travel,
Making every bathing experience,
A luxurious experience!~

Rose Essential Hydraging Shower Gel (50ml)
Gentle and delicate foam texture cleanse dirt on skin,
The small molecute of hyaluronic acid and aloe extract,
Keep skin long-lasting moisturized.
Avocado oil which is high in Vitamin E,
Makes skin fresh and soft after bathing.
I super love the rosey smell on my body,
After a rosy bath with Shills!~

Rose Essential Moisturizing Shampoo (50ml)
Delicate foam texture can thoroughly cleanse scalp and hair.
The small molecule hyaluronic acid , aloe extract keep the hair hydrated,
And continuing elegant fragrance of roses......

Rose Essential Nourishing Body Lotion (50ml)
Luxurious rose extract,
With relaxation aromatherapy body lotion.
The jojoba oil and Vitamin E,
Can effectively moisturize and soothe dry skin,
Making skin soft and delicate to prolong period of time!~

What's so wonderful about this whole set of travel kit?
It's so convenient to bring along during each and every one my travel..
Making me feeling fresh with the smell of pinky rosey,
From top to toe!~
~ Feeling pinky wonderful!~


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