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OCBC Cycle 2014

OCBC Cycle Malaysia 2014.... Mei mei took part in.. The Tricycle Ride; While I'm in.... The Kids Ride category... Didi didn't cycle But he's enjoying himself to the maximum  During the event.. Prepared and get ready... Cyclists rule!!!!! Simply love this year medal very much!~ So uniquely beautiful!~ :)

HiShop Ruby Aura

Special thanks to HiShop, For Ruby Aura  @ Radiant-perfection Collagen Drink.... - Korea No1 Best Seller, It marries the power of eastern philosophy and western science, A unique 9x Golden Formula... To increase skin's brightness & radiance, To restore skin moisture balance, And to rejuvenate skin.... It contains: Collagen peptide-Optima 500Da, OPC antioxidant, Astabio (Astaxanthin) Broad-spctrum Protection UVA/UVB And it's high in Vitamin C........... How to consume: 1. Prepare 100ml water in a shaker 2. Mix a sachet of Ruby Aura into the shaker. 3. Shake well and consume... Feels the different... In just 5 days.. A sublime, flawless and radiant feel ............. :) HiShop Facebook page : HiShop Twitter : Subscribe to HiShop :

Chinese New Year Celebrations

Chinese New Year Celebrations... In I Love Johnson's Baby facebook .. Can you spot me?  :)

Little Dancer

My ah ma gave me, These colourful ribbons, For me to practice my dancing skills.. It's very fun, Having dancing 'class', With my mummy... And dance together with my kor kor and di di.. Our bed become our 'stage'.. And I think mummy enjoyed our performances very much!~