Tuesday, April 29, 2014

BioThik - 3 Stage Protocol

An emerging hair clinicare brand,
Driven by passion.

It is a revolutionary brand 
Designed for the new millennium.

Remember the 3 stage protocol?

  • Cleansing and Preventing,
  • Stabilizing and Stimulating
  • Concealing and Maintaining.

The hair and scalp,
Should be kept scrupulously clean 
To maintain a good head appearance. 

Beautiful hair is shiny, 
Has resilience and elasticity. 
It is neither too limp nor too dry. 
In other words it is well balanced, 
Having a smooth finish and a soft touch.

1) Cleansing and Preventing: 
BioTHIK™ Scalp Cleansing Foam I, 
BioTHIK™ Scalp Cleansing Foam II 
Hair Texture Protector

2) Stabilizing and Stimulating: 
BioTHIK™ Intensive Follicle Reactive Serum I, 
BioTHIK™ Intensive Follicle Reactive Serum II 

 3) Concealing and Maintaining: 
BioTHIK™ Hair Building Fiber  
BioTHIK™ Fiber Locking Mist
 Why BioTHIK™ should be your first choice?
  • Botanical based formulation
  • Mild and gentle on scalps,
  • Easy to use, safe and trustable
  • Notieceable results after 1st time usage
  • Non irritant and specially suited for sensitive scalp
  • Helps treat all types of hair: including dry and fragile hair
  • Utilizing the latest advancement in hair biotechnology.
BioThik's Certificate of Participation,
In CosmoBeaute in Vietnam.

BioThik is an active participant of,
Beauty Eurasia in Istanbul, Turkey.

Besides its involvement in hairdressing industry in overseas,
They are also actively involve themselves locally.

BioThik is life member of,
Malaysian Hairdressing Association...

BioThik concerns on,
The importance of healthy hair scalp,
And sincerely believe in...
Creating unique, efficacious haircare products,
Primarily to endeavor scalp and root problems,
Deliver instant and long term dramatic improvement.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

BioThik Haircare

BioThik Clinicare,

The Botanical-based haircare,
That gives you healthy and thicker hair,
In just 30 seconds!~

A daily hair care routine,
By using natural botanical-based products,
Is vital in maintaining,
The natural beauty of healthy hair.
A holistic hair care routine,
Consist of:-

3 Stage Protocol:

Stage 1: Cleansing & Preventing - Deep cleanse your congested follicle to prevent hair loss.
Stage 2: Stabilizing & Stimulating - Nutrients for scalp to grow healthy and strong.
Stage 3: Concealing & Maintaining - Adding volume instantly to protect scalp.

BioThik Scalp Cleansing Foam I (RM85.80)

Scientifically formulated,
For sensitive scalp & thinning hair

-It's free of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)
  And Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)
  That can cause irritation on scalp and clog pores.
-Panax Ginseng Root,
  Help to reduce sensitive scalp.

BioThik Scalp Cleansing Foam II (RM85.80)

Scientifically formulated,
For dandruff and oily scalp...

BioThik Hair Texture Protector (RM74.80)

Specially formulated,
For Conditioning hair,
Without greasy effect.

-Fortified with Marine Collagen + 7 herbs + D Panthenol,
  To enrich hair moisture balance.
-Leaves hair smooth and silky
-Patented formula
-Gentle on scalp,
  And will not cause blockage to the pores.

BioThik Hair Building Fiber (RM118.80)

Scientifically formulated,
To add volume,
To existing hair instantly...

-Made from 0.3mm - 0.5mm keratin protein fiber
-Instant result in 30 seconds
-Easily removed by shampooing
-11 types of colors to match your own hair.

BioThik Scalp Cleansing Foam II (RM52.80)

Scientifically formulated,
For locking and securing fiber in place all day.

- Maintain BioThik Hair Building Fiber application
  to last longer through wind and sweat
- UV Protection

BioThik is suitable for both men and women...
For more information,
Feels free to visit BioThik's facebook
Or BioThik's website...

For purchase of products,
Visit BioThik estore...
Or T-Biomax at alibaba.com

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Shills Skin Renew Essence

Shills Mandelic Acid Skin Renew Essence....
Renew skin with 20% of Mandelic Acid,
Exfoliates dead ski cell,
Anti-bacteria to fight acne skin,
Prevent uneven skin tone & freckles
Vitamin E for scar lightening
Non sticky formula...

How to use Shills Skin Renew Essence:
Apply a few drops onto whole face or on acne area after toner...
Follow by hydrating skin care products
Minor peeling effect will occur (Normal as a skin renew process)
Avoid using whitening products & AHA products.
Need a lot hydration care..

7 days reduce inflamation & redness,
14 days visible scar lightening & less acne,
Tighten pores
Skin becomes spotless, smooth & radiant!~

My skin becomes smooth and nice...
I love the effect!~

Shills Mandelic Acid Skin Renew Essence 30ml,
Selling at RM129.00
To purchase, click here!~

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Shizens Stand Firm Stay Firm Photo Contest

Shizens will be launching... 

“STAND FIRM STAY FIRM” photo contest 

From 2 to 30 April, 2014

Contest is classified into 2 categories,

Photography Enthusiasts And Mobile Photography

Participants can submit 

Their best shoots that is 
Strong emotions, human and feminine 
At www.standfirmstayfirm.com
Or #standfirmstayfirm atInstagram 
To win prizes worth more than RM18,000

Without hestitate:
Mummy submitted her entry:
Biggest Belly that represent....
True happiness in life:
With two heart beating in a body!
Truly amazing!~~~

Entry Form – Photography Enthusiasts
Open to all photography hobbyist
Who loves bringing picture to life!
There are certain requirements
Needed for the photos selected
For the finals will be printed in large.
  • Photograph shall be taken using compact camera, DSLR camera (or of its similar)
  • Minimum image size is: 5MB
  • Studio photography with lightings are allowed
Click here to submit your photo.

Entry Form – Mobile Photography
Specially dedicated to all smartphone photographers!
Mobile photography has made huge strides
In this modern era
And we’ve seen lots of talented mobile photographers
Over the years.
Must be taken by a smartphone
Or any other mobile devices.

To take part via Instagram, hashtag #standfirmstayfirm on your photo

You may also submit your photos here.

Prizes for both categories:

Good luck for all participants!~