Friday, May 30, 2014

Masterchef Junior Cooking Workshop with Friso Gold

Special thanks to Friso Gold,
For the wonderful bonding experience,
During MasterChef Junior Cooking Workshop,
At The Cooking Shop Desa Sri Hatamas!~

Young chef demonstrating and teaching,
Mummies and their little one...
On how to cook and bake...

1st Recipe: Vanilla Cupcakes....
The ingredients needed,
Is fully prepared.....
All we need to do now,
Is just start mixing.....

It's truly a very amazing experience:
To beat the eggs together with mummy,
To stir the ingredient together with mummy.....
After minimal guidance,
I can even do it on my own!!!

This is our very first time,
Baking vanilla cupcakes....
It turns out to be quite easy!!!~
And our cupcakes looks presentable!!!
And I think it tastes quite yummy, too!!!
Perhaps the one and only reason is:
I truly enjoy the process of baking,
And therefore lead to enjoying the process of eating, too!

My idea,
To decorate our cupcakes:
Our Happy Family:
Gong, Por, Daddy, Mummy,
Kor kor, Di di and me...

2nd Recipe:
Calzone with Ham and Cheese...
To be honest,
I don't even know what's a calzone..
But I manage to come out with my own version of Calzone..
After the chef's explanation,
Plus mummy's guidance,
Plus reference from Friso's recipe...

My request for mummy,
To make a love shape Calzone....
Some of our tomato sauce 'leak' out...
But that doesn't matter...
It still tastes like a pizza,
And is best served while  it's hot...

Feels like want to be a Masterchef?
Don't forget to catch Masterchef Junior US Season 1,
By tuning in to Astro Starworld......
Every Sunday At 8:45pm...

Friday, May 16, 2014

PapaJohn Pizza Workshop

My School's Field Trip,
Going to Sunway's PapaJohn,
For a Pizza Workshop....

This time,
Mummy didn't tag along..
I sit in the big big bus,
With my classmates,
As well as my teachers....

I enjoyed every single moment,
During my trip..
And most importantly,
I won't feel hungry,
At any point of my field trip,
Since we can make,
And eat the pizza we made...

Bring back a piece of pizza,
To share with everyone of my family members...

I love learning new technique,
On how to make a pizza..
I'm going to teach my mummy,
How to make pizza soon!~

Monday, May 5, 2014

BioThik Hair Building Fiber

BioThik Clinicare,
With 30 second
Instant 'Hair Tansplant'...

Key product:
BioThik Hair Building Fiber
Selling at RM118.80

It's available in different colours,
To match your hair~

Colours suitable for Europeans...

 Colours suitable for Asian - Japanese...

11 Colours available,
For mix and match...

  1. Black
  2. Dark Brown
  3. Medium Brown
  4. Light Brown
  5. Dark Blond
  6. Medium Blond
  7. Light Blond
  8. Wheat Blond
  9. Auburn
  10. Grey
  11. White
Just choose any colour of your choices,
And enjoy the uniquness of BioThik Hair Building Fiber..
  • Not itchy or irritating to scalp
  • Electrostatic charge binds BioThik to hair shaft
  • Specially matched colours
  • Ultra-light fibres, won't weigh down hair shaft
  • Suitable for hair transplant patients during scalp healing process

Friday, May 2, 2014

Celebrating Mother's Day @ Amante

Amante celebrates Mother's Day,

On 2nd May - 4th May 10am - 8pm, 
At all Amante outlets. 

Bring your mom, 
To enjoy free treatments, 
And exclusive door gifts, 
For your mom. 

She can try, 
As many treatments as she likes,
Ranging from hot stone massage, 
Aromatherapy massage, 
Lymphatic drainage massage, 
Slimming massage treatment, 
Herbal ball treatment, 
Ear candling to manicure. 

Visit for a list of locations near you...

 Nail art pampering session...

 With lots of choice of colours!~

Massages are good,
For stiff shoulders and tired bodies...

Not to forget...
Food for the party!~
And who knows what you'll be getting,
For lucky draw of the day!~
May the lucky charms be with you!~