Friday, July 4, 2014

Hi Shop Nature's Baby Organics

Special thanks to Hi Shop...
For sending me Nature's Baby Organics Product:-
Conditioner & Detangler...

If you saw me in person before,
You'll know how desperately I need this product...
My hair is always in a mess,
Even though mummy and me comb and comb....
We had been searching around,
For a product to make my hair smooth,
But seems like there's none suitable for kids..
Until we found this gems: 
Nature's Baby Organics Conditioner & Detangler

With just a tiny-tip of 
Nature's Baby Organics Conditioner & Detangler...
Mummy put it in her hand and apply all over my hair....
With immediate effect,
My hair turns smoother and nicer...
It smells nice, too!
With vanilla tangerine smell!~

Of course,
I can choose to leave in,
Or rinse off,
After apply on my wet hair...
Anyway of application on my hair,
I see immediate effect!!!~

Feels like want to try this product?
Hop in Hi Shop website and key-in my coupon code,
To enjoy extra 15% off for your purchase:
Coupon : CRE8TONE

I'm one happy customer 
And I sincerely hope that,
You'll be another one happy customer, too!~

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  1. This is a good product for kids especially girl with long hair.

  2. It's applicable to kids and adults too? Well, I think girls should have this baby organics.

  3. I had the same hair problem as yours. I will definitely give this product a try - kaycee an

  4. This is what my apo needs. Enough of those entangled hair. I'll check the site later.

  5. This looks like a great product for kids. Will definitely be checking it out.

  6. It seems great product. Kids will love it. xx

  7. It works for children only ^_^ it's good to my child


  8. Nice product.. your hair does seem smothened out.

  9. Wow! Nice product :D Will check it out soon ;) Love your blog

  10. Hey! Good to know about thos product! Thanks for sharing.,

  11. Tangle-free hair! Sounds like a good product

  12. The last photo gave me a fright! For a moment I thought the hair was dropping because of the usage~

  13. This product seems amazing, it definitely revitalizes and energizes the hair, makes it shiny and soft, I love it!

  14. the vanilla tangerine smell sounds lush!

  15. Nice product for kids. I'm gonna try this to my children..
    Beautiful hair..


  16. this seems like a good product, thanks for sharing!

  17. A great product for kid. Thanks for the sharing.

  18. This would really help kids maintain their hair. It would also keep their hair healthy.

  19. Nice products! I'm glad they have something suitable for kids =)