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Genting Behind The Scenes Tour - Laundry

After Genting International Showroom , We visited the largest hotel laundry in Malaysia... First World Hotel's Laundry Department.. We have first-hand view and knowledge, On how the hotel manages, All its dirty linens... Transferring the dirty clothes.... Batch by batch.. It's pretty cute, To see the clothes are actually, Queuing up and wait for their turns, To be washed...  Washing in the large washing machine.... Fetching the washed linens, Into the dryers... Huge dryers, In the process of, Drying up the wet linens..  Ironing linens in process... Folding makes much more easier, With the help of this machine.. Ta-Da!~ The very fresh, And smell nice linens!~ Now, we're able to witness, How the clothes are all ironed.... With a special machine.. The Transformer!~ Which able to iron the cloth, Just in a blink of eyes!~ Super fast and effective... The uniform of Genting's staff, Washed, ironed

Genting Behind The Scenes Tour - Genting International Showroom

After 30minutes showcase in Visitor's Galleria, We headed to the Genting International Showroom, Where technical experts take us, Through the management of backstage, Lighting and sound control.... Involved during a show or event... It's totally an eye opener visit for me.. To see what's this little coin-alike stuff, Can do so much effect on the stage!~ Standing on the stage, To feel my glamour and fames!~ :)) The next stop is the most interesting part, A very special place to visit, First World Hotel's Laundry!~ ------------------------------------------ Ice Age Adventure Venue: GICC Time: 10am-10pm Price: RM20 nett per person Behind The Scenes Tour : Visitor Galleria Genting International Showroom First World's Hotel's Laundry See, Do & Eat Interactive Workshop Meeting Place: First World Theme Park Wristband Counter OR Vision City Video Games Park, Genting Grand Time: 2:15pm until 5pm Price:  RM20 per person Pre-boo

Genting Behind The Scenes Tour - Visitor Galleria

 Let's your adventure begins!~ At Genting's Behind The Scenes Tour!~ This tour has begun its inception, Since 1 May 2014, And has been ongoing till date... Our adventure begins, At Visitor's Galleria... Showcasing where the resort first began... From the history..... To today's Genting... And also to what's new at the resort...  It's a wonderful journey of discovery, Of the resort's founder... Tell me, Who's not looking forward for.... Twentieth Century Fox World? It's going to be the very first... Twentieth Century Fox Theme Park, In the world!~ Every time we went Genting, We won't forget to check the progress, And anxiously looking forward, To the grand opening of the new theme park!~ Can't wait!~ This is just the very beginning of, Our Behind The Scenes Tour... More excitement coming up next.. Stay tune for my next post!~ ------------------------------------------ Ice Age Adventure Venue: GIC

Genting's Ice Age Adventure

Mummy and me, Going for a adventurous adventure, At Resorts World Genting:- Ice Age Adventure.... Hop over to my kor kor's blog , If you want to know Our whole day's dating itinerary !~ We love all the 2D die-cut displays, 3D street art element, And mirror illusion... We'd snapped lots and lots of photos, At over 30 photography spots, Based on the real movei scenes... Not forget, To do some cave drawing... In the lovely walls!~ Ops... Suppose to be cave, I guess.. At Ice Age Meet-and-Greet Zone.... I met and hug and snap photos With Sid the sloth!~ He's super duper cute!~ Colouring character mask - Diego!~ I take one extra Scrat, Just for my kor kor, And one extra Sid, Just for my di di.... We coloured all 3 masks, And play pretend after the trip!~ Ice age Theatre is screening Ice Age's popular short films, Such as Gone Nutty - The 2003 Academy Award for Animated Short Film, No Time For Nuts - The 2007 A

Top Ryder's Australia Post

We stop by Top Ryder Bus Stop... Oh yes... It's another bus trip for all of us...  We went to Australia's Post Office... To find a beautiful post card, To post back to ourselves... It'll be wonderful... And a great recap for our trip, When we receive the post card, Send by ourselves, From overseas.....

Legoland Imagination - Build and Test

Stepping into Legoland Imagination.. We went high up the Observation Tower. . Then we watch amazing 4D Lego show .. Now it's time to Build and Test... We can build anything we like, In Build and Test..... The tyre is only given, After registration.. And after we built our very own version of car.. It's time to race! See who reach the finishing line first!~ Ready, Get set, Go!!!!!!

Doktorbudak: Urban Mom with Johnson's Baby

Urban Mom, Celebrating Modern Motherhood... At 1 Utama Highstreet.... Doktor Budak, Together with Johnson's Baby, Organizing a talk-show, With the topic of: "Are you caring for his skin the right way?" Face painting..... With any purchases... In Urban Mom Exhibition... Kids are having fun, With sand art, While the parents are... Listening and benefiting, From the talk show.... Dynas Mokhtar, Johnson's Baby Ambassador Together with DoktorBudak's Panel doctors.... Dr Yap Hsiao Ling, Consultant Paediatrician, Demonstrating and teaching, Baby Massage technique.... From babies to kids to parents, Everyone enjoy the event to the maximum!~

Stylish Christmas with Spotlight

Spotlight, Located at Ampang Point... A party suppliers... Did you spot Christmas decoration, At the Craft Spot? It's kind of early for Christmas, Isn't it? It's just September!~ But I truly experience the spirit of Xmas here... An apron truly with Xmas feel... Ready to prepare a turkey meal ? Looking for bed sheet, With Xmas mood? Spotligh have it all...  Romantic candles for this Christmas.... Kitchen appliances , With Christmas colours.. Red and green... More party accessories, To choose from.. The very famous rainbow looms, Are sold in Spotlight, too!~ Ribbons, More ribbons, Lots and lots of ribbons.. For decorations, For art and crafts~ A message for Santa... So, What presents are you expecting this year? For being a very very good person?  More and more wonderful lovely items, For Christmas Decoration idea ... Need more ideas, For ultimate festive party fete, And personalize it, At the same time