Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Genting Behind The Scenes Tour - Laundry

We visited the largest hotel laundry in Malaysia...
First World Hotel's Laundry Department..

We have first-hand view and knowledge,
On how the hotel manages,
All its dirty linens...

Transferring the dirty clothes....
Batch by batch..
It's pretty cute,
To see the clothes are actually,
Queuing up and wait for their turns,
To be washed...

 Washing in the large washing machine....

Fetching the washed linens,
Into the dryers...

Huge dryers,
In the process of,
Drying up the wet linens..

 Ironing linens in process...

Folding makes much more easier,
With the help of this machine..

The very fresh,
And smell nice linens!~

we're able to witness,
How the clothes are all ironed....
With a special machine..

The Transformer!~

Which able to iron the cloth,
Just in a blink of eyes!~
Super fast and effective...

The uniform of Genting's staff,
Washed, ironed and folded by...
First World's Hotel Laundry Department...

So professional!~
The clothes looks
As good as new,
Isn't it?

Ice Age Adventure
Venue: GICC
Time: 10am-10pm
Price: RM20 nett per person

Behind The Scenes Tour:
Visitor Galleria
Genting International Showroom
First World's Hotel's Laundry
See, Do & Eat Interactive Workshop
Meeting Place:
First World Theme Park Wristband Counter
OR Vision City Video Games Park, Genting Grand
Time: 2:15pm until 5pm
Price:  RM20 per person
Pre-booking via email themepark.info@rwgentingcom
Or call 03-61011118 Ext. 55678


  1. Such an interesting experience you have there :)

  2. wow good experience on the behind the scene! i always heard rumor saying that they will mix altogether to wash including your blanket and the floor mat. =X

    1. You'll have to visit it and see it with your own eyes to proof is the rumor is truth or false...

  3. I didn't know doing laundry in hotels or clubs was such a tedious process. This was interesting and a great trivia. haha

  4. What an interesting experience. To be given a first-hand view of how things happen inside that room is a privilege.

    1. It's indeed a very interesting experience for us.

  5. That's a day well spent. New knowledge and interesting things to learn

  6. Wow, that is quite the operation they have! It reminds me of the massive laundry's they have on cruise ships!

    1. Oh! I'm not really sure how's the laundry on cruise then..

  7. It's quite weird to be going through a laundry "Behind The Scene" as I believe you will be seeing loads weird stuff like coins and tissues in pockets or even stained underwear!

  8. We have a similar facility in our Taiwan plant. We do hospital linen laundry.

  9. I often used RWGenting laundry service when I am there. Good and value for money. My parents love their laundry services!

    1. I love the part the wrap up the clothes.. It looks as good as new..

  10. WOW! That looks just like a factory line!

  11. That's a very big washing machine and the ironmachine, whew! - KarenT

  12. I've wondered before how do hotels or cruise ships do their laundry. Did not realize it could really be a huge operations that could equal the kitchen probably.

    Did you go there as well?

  13. If you can provide the video of the process then it will be more appealing

  14. It is amazing how professional everything there is, the whole laundry process is performed with diligence and care. That must be a great hotel!

  15. Wow! Thank you for sharing this laundry tour! I have fun seeing these!

  16. Your post has given me a new level of respect for workers in the laundry room service. Great behind the scenes work.