Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Genting's Ice Age Adventure

Mummy and me,
Going for a adventurous adventure,
At Resorts World Genting:-
Ice Age Adventure....

Hop over to my kor kor's blog,
If you want to know
Our whole day's dating itinerary!~

We love all the 2D die-cut displays,
3D street art element,
And mirror illusion...

We'd snapped lots and lots of photos,
At over 30 photography spots,
Based on the real movei scenes...

Not forget,
To do some cave drawing...
In the lovely walls!~
Suppose to be cave, I guess..

At Ice Age Meet-and-Greet Zone....
I met and hug and snap photos
With Sid the sloth!~
He's super duper cute!~
Colouring character mask -
I take one extra Scrat,
Just for my kor kor,
And one extra Sid,
Just for my di di....
We coloured all 3 masks,
And play pretend after the trip!~

Ice age Theatre is screening Ice Age's popular short films,
Such as Gone Nutty -
The 2003 Academy Award for Animated Short Film,
No Time For Nuts -
The 2007 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film,
Continental Crack Up #1 & #2...

And we're watching..
Surviving Sid!~
Can't help myself,
But keep on laughing and laughing,
When the movie is played...
Sid's so cute!!~

Taking my final chop!~
While enjoying groovy Continental Drift music!~
So relaxing!~

The best part is,
All the fun doesn't just end like that...
We filled in our particular,
And there's a chance to win win win!~
For the lucky draw....
Crossing our fingers!~
Choose me choose me!~
Choose my paper ya!~

You think it's a fun-filled adventure?
I think you're going to like Behind The Scene Tour, too!
Stay tune for my next post!~

Ice Age Adventure
Venue: GICC
Time: 10am-10pm
Price: RM20 nett per person

Behind The Scenes Tour:
Visitor Galleria
Genting International Showroom
First World's Hotel's Laundry
See, Do & Eat Interactive Workshop
Meeting Place:
First World Theme Park Wristband Counter
OR Vision City Video Games Park, Genting Grand
Time: 2:15pm until 5pm
Price:  RM20 per person
Pre-booking via email
Or call 03-61011118 Ext. 55678

You may spot us...
In Genting's Official Blogger Review Video
Or Genting's blog post on Ice Age Adventure!~


  1. great reviews, it looks similar as mine, thanks for sharing~

    (A Growing Teenager Diary Malaysia)

  2. Replies
    1. You're looking forward for that also, isn't it? haha!

  3. sooo cute :)

  4. Oh this looks like so much fun!! Just the kind of travel reviews and tips we'd love to have parents share - Kor Kor's blog reads lovely too ;)

    Ling Tan,

  5. This looks so much fun, your really seem to have enjoyed yourselves and express it in your writing style. Thanks for sharing Stephen

  6. The Ice Age Adventure reminds me of the key scenes in Ice Age. This would be another reason to visit Genting.

  7. Replies
    1. It doesn't just look fun, it's really very fun!

  8. I haven't watched any of the Ice Age movies. But definitely these are great for kids!

  9. Glad you enjoyed this adventure and behind the scenes shootings.

    1. Behind the Scenes is another tour... Read up my next post for more information on that..

  10. Sounds like you really had a good time... happy for you :)

  11. Ice Age is amazing! We love to watch it together with my son :)

  12. We love all of the Ice Age movies so to see an exhibit would be so cool! I know my kids would get a kick out of the life size Sid!

    1. I'm sure Sid will be looking forward to see your kids.. :)

  13. Looks like a great day out ! The Ice Age movies are so well done too !

  14. Oh this looks incredibly fun! Is this a perm feature at RW Genting?

    1. It's a chilly adventure with fun and games up there.. Before the world's first 20th Century Fox Theme Park is officially open, which we're so looking forward for it..

  15. Sure you have blast with you Ice Age Adventure. How I wish to see it too.

    1. Just plan a trip to Genting and you're able to see it!

  16. So which is your favourite part of the adventure? Is it meeting Sid the Sloth? Hahah... You should post a photo of yourself with the Sloth!

    1. Can you belief, every part of it is my favourite.. So cool!

  17. haha this looks so fun! i so would go and visit. be a kid again

  18. How long has this exhibit been there? I think it has been a long time since the last Ice Age film. Good that fans still have this to remind them of their favorite film. - Fred

  19. Cute!!!! I love Ice Age much, although I am no longer a kid. =p

    1. Mummy also enjoying.. I guess not only kid can enjoy the adventure.. :)

  20. Sid the Sloth is my fave character! I'm so jealous you got to hug him!

    1. Go go go! Go and get a hug from him in Genting!

  21. Just seeing those drawn stuffs in the second photo (correct me if I'm wrong though) can only made me utter two words: fun event. Indeed! Can I just ride a time machine and be a kid again and watch Ice Age again? haha.

    1. No need time machine to go Ice Age Adventure.. Just need to head up to Genting.. :p

  22. I already saw this movie but not in 3D, love always to see in 3d, it is a totally different experience

    1. This adventure in Genting would be another different experience with Ice Age!

  23. That Ice Age exhibition is really unique, feel so sad there are no such events in my country, being there must have been so much fun!

    1. Perhaps you want to plan a trip to Malaysia and visit Genting? hehe!

  24. my son loves sid! I hope I can visit this place soon

  25. I love your photos as they captured the fun and excitement of the event... Frozen is so huge here that I hear or read something about it daily.