Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Stylish Christmas with Spotlight

Located at Ampang Point...

A party suppliers...
Did you spot Christmas decoration,
At the Craft Spot?

It's kind of early for Christmas,
Isn't it?
It's just September!~
But I truly experience the spirit of Xmas here...

An apron truly with Xmas feel...
Ready to prepare a turkey meal?

Looking for bed sheet,
With Xmas mood?
Spotligh have it all...

 Romantic candles for this Christmas....

Kitchen appliances,
With Christmas colours..
Red and green...

More party accessories,
To choose from..

The very famous rainbow looms,
Are sold in Spotlight, too!~

More ribbons,
Lots and lots of ribbons..
For decorations,
For art and crafts~

A message for Santa...
What presents are you expecting this year?
For being a very very good person?

 More and more wonderful lovely items,
For Christmas Decoration idea...

Need more ideas,
For ultimate festive party fete,
And personalize it,
At the same time?

From ready to buy household linens,
Materials and decorations,
To festive theme party supplies,
And special DIP crafts gift ideas,
Spotlight has it all!~

Let's create,
And Celebrate!~


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Stylish Christmas with Spotlight

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