Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Birthday Celebration in Kindy

It's party day in my kindy...
The day before the holiday starts..

This time,
We're celebrating birthdays,
For October, November and December babies!~

Oh yes!
I'm one of them!~

Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Disney Channel's Fa-La-La-Lidays Giveaway

Going to Disneyland....
Staying in Disneyland Hotel...
Dining in Enchanted Garden Restaurant,
Is every kids' dream....

For a Frozen craze like me and many kids out there......
Will be the most amazing dream that I'd ever had...
Here's a chance that I won't 'Let It Go'..
And I'm sure you won't, too!
It's too cool to be true......

Let's join...
Fa-La-La Lidays Giveaway...
(See, even the giveaway name also sounds so cool!)
From 14 November - 14 December 2014

Just tune in to Disney Channel...

And look out for the question of the day...

Submit as many correct answers daily...
At http://www.disneychannel-asia.com/holiday

And you're one step closer...
To Hong Kong Disneyland!!!

The most amazing part is...
One Frozen Adventure trip...
For a family of 4 person....
Will be given out each week..
For 4 weeks!!!!!~

So wonderful isn't it?
Not only one trip to be won..
But all of us have 4 chances....
And it's for the whole family!!!~~~

Guess what!~
Disney Channel is giving out...
1 Frozen Gift Pack,
You heard me right,

I can hear a little whisper,
From Princess Elsa....
Telling me that she's waiting for me,
In Hong Kong Disneyland.....

I'm not going to lose any second...
I'm watching Disney Channel right now!~
And I'm going to watch it everyday...
Question is....
Will I stop watching the Channel,
After 14 December 2014?
Definitely not...
I love all the shows in the Channel!~

Are you still here,
Reading my post?
You better go switch on your television,
And tune into Disney Channel (Astro CH6115) right now!!!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Loreal Paris Beauty Countdown Contest

Loreal Paris...
Is having a contest for 10 weeks...
From 1st November - 31st December 2014...
Hop over to the contest site immediately,
To participate and stand a chance...
To win fabulous prize......

Participating is so easy:
You'll just have to spend over RM20 on Loreal Paris Products...
And upload a photo of your receipt...
Plus answering a simple question:
Which country does the brad Loreal Paris come from?

Amazing daily and weekly prizes,
Over the 10 weeks,
To be rewarded...
To the highest spenders!~
If you spend the most overall,
On Loreal Paris Products,
By 31st December 2014,
You'll drive home Grand Prize -
A brand new car worth over RM100,000!

Good luck!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Legoland's When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney

Legoland Malaysia Resort,
Unveiled and exciting new-look City Stage,
Which will be the focal point of this year's holiday season celebrations...

The City Stage,
Has been transformed into an indoor,
Fully air-conditioned theatre....
Which means,
We are able to watch all the performances,
In more comfortable environment!
Nice isn't it?
Thanks Legoland Malaysia for the effort!~

Legoland's new festive show,
Special with a full cast member team from Europe...

Holiday Extravaganza celebrations,
Promises a myriad of activities,
Including fireworks to ring in the New Year!

The highlight of the Holiday Extravaganza,
Will be a special festive show,
And a giant Legoland advent calender installation...

The show is brand new play,
And was written,
Especially for Legoland Malaysia Resort..

I love Ballerina the most...
As I'm learning ballet now..
How I wish I could perform like her,
How I wish I could perform for Legoland..
Sometimes in future!!!

Featuring 6 member cast,
'When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney'
Tells the story of the Ginger Bread Family...

A sneak preview,
For the wonderful festive show....

The best part of all is....
It was snowing!!!
I'm feeling so Chritmas now!!!
With Lego Santa, Lego Chritmas tree...

For more information,
Log on to www.Legoland.my

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Kindy Year End Concert

It's my kindy's year end concert....
Started with romantic ballroom dancing...

Love all the attires,
For various occupation...

Little cutie dancing...
Hawaiian dance..

Cute performance,
From all my friends,
In the same kindergarten...

Me and my classmate,
Perform a joget dance,
With Saloma's Bila Larut Malam....
Plus sing a very nice chinese song,
Together with 手语!~

I never practice any of the move or songs at home..
When mummy ever asked me to show her,
I kept all of them suspend and answer her:
If you want to see me dance and sing,
Come to my concert!~

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Darlie Bunny Kids Toothpaste

Darlie Bunny Kids,
A toothpaste formulated,
Just for Kids....

With Formula Upgrade,
Using Food Grade Ingredients...

My di di,
Love Apple flavoured....

While my kor kor...
Prefer Coke flavoured...

 Orange is nice...

But I still prefer girlie pink,
Strawberry flavoured...

Use a pea-sized amount,
For supervised brushing,
To minimize swallowing...

Me and my siblings,
Love to use different choice of..
Darlie's Bunny Kids...

And smell each other's mouth,
After brushing teeth,
Guessing which colour of toothpaste,
We used....

It's so much fun brushing teeth,
With Darlie Bunny Kids -
Our teeth became healthier,
As we keep up the routine of,
Brushing teeth twice a day...
After we start using Darlie's Bunny Kids!