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XES Christmas Glam Rock Party

Went XES Premium ... In Quill City Mall... For XES's Christmas Glam Rock Party ... Spot my signature on the board.. :) The party starts... With brief introduction.. By pretty Sabrina... Hop over to Little Kitchen's site, For the food's party food. .. Pampered myself, With Pedicure and manicure... From Ladies World's Nails & Make Up .. Love the Christmas decoration.. All over in XES shop .... Wondering what are we doing with... These colourful little thingy? Well.. We're decorating... And come up with Our very unique scandals... Wearing the one and only design... By the shoe 'designer' of the day!~ Cool right? A variety of kids shoes, To choose from... So many choices of shoes, For babies and girls, too... Ben10 and Spiderman series.... So, Which one you prefer? Even men have so many choices of shoes... To choose from... Ladies' choices is even wider and prettier.. XES also selling

Butterfly Christmas Dinner - BeeUtifly

A very meaningful butterfly gathering ... During this festive seasons.. With Gift exchange~~~~~~ From Secret Santas.... Thanks to the beautiful founder .... Tammy...... Whom take so much effort... To bring all the butterflies together.. Christmas Dinner won't be complete, Without turkey, From The Apartment, Curve ... Our butterfly talented song bird... Edazz-beautilicious .. I really falling in love with her voice!~ With her partner, Choypengism .... Singing the latest hits: Let It Go!~ Frozen craze is everywhere!~ Thanks to the sponsors.... For making our night, Furnished with more gifts from 'Santa' !~ Guess what!!~ Our group - BeeUtifly... Which means butterfly unites.. Win the best team of the day!~ Cool!~ Keep up the team spirit, pals!~ Merry Xmas and BeeUtifly always!~ ----------------------------------------------------- Related posts: Butterfly Christmas Dinner Butterfly Xmas Beauty Box - Tattoo My Lips

Butterfly Xmas Beauty Box - Shizens Lips Tattoo

Mummy attended... Butterfly Project 's Christmas Party... And bring back a beauty box... - Full of beauty products!~~ Guess she's been such a good girl.... Throughout the year.... Like me.. :p And she's not in the naughty list... Then only Santa Butterfly ... Granted her with a box... Full of beauty products.... Today, We're going to review... The very first product, In the beauty box.... Shizen's Lip Tattoo..... We all heard of body tattoo... But lips tattoo is totally, A new term to me, As well as to my mummy, too!~ Both of us... Sitting down together, Extraordinary bonding moment, As mother and daughter, Exploring this Shizens Star Product... The ingredients, the colours, the texture etc Can't help wondering...... Will this 0.28 fl oz @8ml little thingy.... Really going to put... A real tattoo on our lips? Well... The best way to find out.. Is just by open it up, And give it a try... Don't you agree? Hmm..

HiShop Beauty Talk Be White 3D Refining Day Cream

Special delivery from HiShop ... With Beauty Talk Be White 3D Refining Day Cream ... - Introducing the modern era, Of Advance 3D Makeup.. Whitening and Purifying Skincare... Major Function: Smoothes fine lines .. Contains Hexapeptides that penetrate deeply into the skin, Nourish the complexion from deep down.. And effectively smooth fine lines and tighten skins... Multi-whitening actions ... Contains multiple vitamins: Vitamin C - fights free radicals, Inhibits pigmentation and diminishes and lightens dark spots... Vitamin E - and outstanding anti-oxidant and anti-aging factors; Fights off UV light, strengthens skin's defenses, Prevents formation of melanin and dark spots and enhances radiance.. Soothes and Repairs .. Formulated with Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract, To stabilize sensitive skin It is capable of soothing inflamed skin.. Enhanced moisturizing effect.. Vitamin E fights lipid oxidation, Moisturizes and protects skin from U

Frozen Birthday Party

It's my birthday!~ I had a little party, Inviting my relatives..... To celebrate my big day!~ Special thanks to Jomparty ... For the wonderful candy buffet.... With Frozen's theme decorations..... Everything is as sweet as me, The cute little princess!~ Adding up some crispiness, To all the sweetness... The marshmallow decorations, Are one of my top favourite... Yes!~ It's my sweet 5th birthday!~ With loads and loads of candies!~ Even drinking a bottle of water.... Is extra special.... With jomparty's beautiful decoration... Thanks everyone involved... For the unforgettable... 5th birthday celebration of mine!~

Disney Junior - Power of Doing Good

Disney Junior Launches New Website : Pirate and Princess: Power of Doing Good ...  Disney Junior's 'Pirate and Princess: Power of Doing Good' Campaign, Aims to introduce kids aged 2-7, To the idea and values of.. Caring for nature, animals and helping others.... The campaign will aim to empower preschoolers, To participate in acts of service, Encouraged by parents, And supported by the community...  "Through the power of our stories and characters, We not only inspire kids, To imagine a better world, But also help them to realize, Through simple acts of caring, For their surroundings and their community, That they have the potential, To make a positive change, In the world they lived in" Said Natasha Malhotra, General Manager, Branded Media and Content, The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia..  "WWF is happy to support Disney Junior's Power of Doing Good Campaign... Children nee

An Evening of Dining, Fashion, Beauty & Wellness

Mummy had a great evening.... Of dining, fashion, beauty & Wellness... In Flora Terrace .... Genesis Holistic Spa .... With new holistic approach to welness, For day spas, By incorporating energy healing modalities, Alternative therapies, And other wellness regimes with spa theramies.... Using Alqvimia Essential Oil from Spain, Which is 100% natural products, That holistically treat and care for the body, mind and spirit... I'm pretty amazed, On how they really can tell mummy's character, By analyzing using their alqvimia oils .... Introducing... M2 World of Brands's Speaker: Ms Natasya Genesis Holistic Spa's Speaker: Ms Lai Poh Mei... Eiliya Studio's Speaker: Mr Hadi... And Iskin New York's Speaker: Ms Fan Yong... iSKin New York , Is a leading provider, Of premium skincare programs.. The products contain specialized peptides - Chains of amino acids, That perform specific functions, Like anti-aging and skin lighte