Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Toy Bank, A Gift Of Love Community Programme

Toy Bank, A Gift Of Love Community Programme,
Is a very meaningful initiative,
By Cheras LeisureMall...
Incepted since year 1999,
This programme has become an anticipated event,
For shoppers to express their care and concern,
For the underprivileged children...

This Christmas,
It's dreams come true...
For over 400 children,
From 13 children's home and charity houses...

Opening dance,
Right after a special movie screening,
By Golden Screen Cinema:
Legend of a Rabbit: The Martial of Fire..

Dance performance,
By Passion Danz Studio..

 Christmas Carolling...

Gift Presentation Ceremony,
By Ms Eva Hew,
Assistant General Manager,
Marketing & Promotion (Retail)
Property Division,
PPB Group Berhad..

The participating children's home,
And charity houses include:
Shepherd's Centre Foundation,
Trinity Community Children's Home,
Persatuan Kebajikan Warga Tua Dan Kanak-kanak WP,
Pusat Jagaan Beribuan Kasih, Kajang,
Bodhi Homecare Cheras,
San Pedro Orphanage Home,
Rumah Sayangan,
Rumah Kanak-kanak Angels,
Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-kanak Cornerstone,
Yayasan Sunbeams Home,
Rainbow Home,
Rumah Bakti Nur Syaheera,
And Pusat Majudiri Y for the Deaf.

165 children from the participating children's home,
Are invited to have a memorable Christmas celebration,
At Cheras LeisureMall...
And receive gifts sent,
By anonymous true love,
At the git presentation ceremony,
On the fifth day of Christmas!~

Children are watching,
Dance performances,
While eating the food...

Hoverboard Dance Performance...
It's fantastic!~

The session ends with,
Hoverboard Dancing Workshop...
Where all the kiddos,
Have a chance,
To try on the Hoverboard...

For more information about..
Toy Bank, A Gift Of Love programme,
And upcoming event updates,
Kindly call 03-9132 2386,
Visit the Cheras LeisureMall Facebook Page,
Or email marketing@ppb.com.my

Monday, December 28, 2015

Scholastic Shopping Stick-O-Rama

Tell me,
Which girl doesn't like shopping?

I'm going to shop...
With Scholastic...
An unique kind of shopping:
Shop in the book!~

My first visit:
To the best clothes shop!~

From clothes, perfume and accessories,
To gadgets, cakes and toys,
There are shops,
Full of exciting goodies,
Awaiting the shopaholics,
Inside the book!~

Let's choose my preference...
And stick it anywhere I like!~
This is gonna be fun, fun, FUN!!!

Another cute fun activity,
Is to spot the mouse,
In every scene!~

Reading is always fun,
With Scholastic,
Don't you agree?

For more information on Scholastic Books,
Kindly visit Scholastic website,


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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Scholastic Hello Kitty's Sticker Storybook

Hello Kitty is always my favourite character...
It's really very fun to read together,
With mummy's favourite character + mine favourite, too!~
Scholastic always understands kiddos,
And have wide variety of books,
For all children....

This girlie Hello Kitty book is really fun!~
Written by Rebecca Gomez,
It illustrates and tells me,
What Can We Play Today?

After we read the book,
We really can plan our own play date,
As what's Hello Kitty's father planned!~
Really feels like playing together with Hello Kitty!~
How cool that could be!!!~

Something extra to make me happy:
Colourful stickers,
Lots of colourful stickers!~
Making sure that...
Me and Hello Kitty have a very busy day!~

Total a superbly ideal book,
For Hello Kitty fan,
Like me:
Cre8tone's little princess!~

For more information on Scholastic Books,
Kindly visit Scholastic website,


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Mamil MomMe

An exclusive Mamil MomMe...
At Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur..

Welcome by...
Celebrity Mom,
Aishah Sinclair..

Welcome speech by Ms Jane Ee,
Marketing Manager of Danone Dumex (M) Sdn Bhd

 "The Importance of Good Gut Health For Your Child"
Sharing session...
With Dr Chin Wai Seong..
Consultant Pediatrician...

The way he presented,
The whole sharing session,
Is very interesting~
Gained a lot of useful information..
Thoughout the whole session.
Thanks Doctor Chin!~

Open Question and Answer Session,
With Mamil Careline advisor...

Mamil Corner...

Mamil MomMe Time..
With Kiehl's.....
Gain great advice..
On how to make mummy looks better...

Mamil MomMe Time,
With Shu Uemura...
On some simple make up technique!~

A great day of pampering for mummy..
At Kiehl's & Shu Uemura Pampering booth!~
Thanks Mamil for organizing such a wonderful event!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Watsons : Pink by Pure Beauty

Tea time at Hello Kitty Cafe,
Sunway Pyramid...
With Watsons.....
Pink By Pure Beauty:
It's time to get PINK!~

Welcome note by Emcee

Watsons Malaysia,
Proudly present,
Pink by Pure Beauty,
Formulated using,
The unique combination of
PhyotCellTec Alps Rose,
Pink Flower Capsule,
And active natural whitening ingredients,
Which helps to brighten the skin,
And creates a perfect hydration balance,
To reveal a naturally bright pinkish fair skin,
That every young lady wish for..

K-Beauty Grooming Session..
With Stevensunny...
Pre Make Up Skincare Demo
K-Beauty Make up..

So Frash Essence Water,
So Glow Essence,
So Smooth Pudding Cream...
So Blur Cream

The usage of Pink's Beauty range,
Is easy to achieve,
Within 3 steps
To a glowing, luminous pinkish radiant skin..

First step:
Moisture and clarify,
With Pink's So Fresh Essence Water...

2nd step:
To correct and improve,
Where it is recommended,
To apply the so glow Essence,
For normal skin..
And so light Dewy Lotion to dehydration..

To protect and enhance,
With So smooth pudding cream...

As well as So Blur Cream...

PINK by Pure Beauty product range,
Is now available,
At all leading Watsons store nationwide.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Training to be Real Princess at Genting

I know....
I'm always very princess-y....
But being Genting Kid Blogger...
I have the chance...
To train myself..
To become a real princess:
The very tough and brave princess!~
I just went through the most amazing experience ever!~
Joining Back to Nature Retreat,
At Awana Genting Long House....
Finished up the whole jungle trekking...
And successfully completed all the challenges...

Mummy thought I wouldn't dare...
She ops for long house stay...
But kor kor and me decided to stay overnight in the real tent...

So eventually,
All of us....
Camping and stay overnight..
Inside one of this very comfy tent...

Woke up pretty early in the morning...
And did our morning exercises!~
Refreshing fresh cool air!~
Makes my mind think clearer!~

Special thanks to my blue sky teammate...
For making me a wonderful and beautiful princess attire....
With all the recycled material....

Jie jie,
I know you'll be one very successful fashion designer!~
I hope I could be a braver person,
If there's another chance:
I'll go up on the stage.....
And present your beautiful design..
To the whole world~~~~

It's really a pamper session...
During my 'training' session..
When I'm surrounded by all sweet stuff!~
Filled my stomach until it's full
At Coffee Terrace, Genting Grand...
Eating their Escape to Wonderland Buffet...

The chocolate pancake is my favourite!~
So so so so so Deeeeeeeelicious!!

Look whom I met in Time Square?
It's mystery guest: Brittany!!!
I watched Alvin and the Chipmunks performances...
Sitting in the very front row...
Being a VIP!~
It's really a privilege,
And I felt so honoured,
To become Genting kid blogger...

Don't forget to catch,
Alvin and the Chipmunks Road Chip...
At Resorts World Genting ya!~


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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Guardian Garfied On-The-Go

Attended Guardian Year End Dinner 2015,
With the launch of Garfield On-The-Go...

Having lots of fun..
At activities at the foyer...

 Was thrilled by all the performances!~

Beautiful and colourful opening act....
Stunting drum performances...

Speech by:
Peter J. Dove,
Chief Executive Officer,
Guardian Malaysia And Brunei..

Aerialists performances!~

Truly enjoyable,
Just seeing the beautiful performances...

Magic performance,
By Mahdi Moudini..
4 times Merlin Awards Winner..
And also Doctor of Magic!~

Exclusive Launch of Garfield-On-The-Go
With Peter J Dove, CEO, Guardian Malaysia And Brunei;
Christina Low, Marketing Director, Guardian Malaysia
Representavives from Main Sponsors:
Bio-Essence, L'oreal and Nivea...