Sunday, January 25, 2015

Enchanteur Journey of Love

Is currently organizing a contest:
Journey of Love...

The contest starts on
12 December 2014,
And will be ending on..
1 February 2015~

 Fabulous prizes to be won:
1 x Grand prize:
GoPro Hero 4 Action Camera
50 x Consolation Prizes:
Enchanteur Products

Not forgetting:
Weekly Mystery Gifts:
For the most voted entry....

Starts your Journey of Love,
With Enchanteur,
By just simple 4 steps..

Step 1:
Fill in your personal details

Step 2:
Upload your 6 photos

Tell your Journey of Love with Enchanteur,
In not more than 50 words...

Step 3:
Choose a background theme

Step 4:
Submit & Share your Journey of Love..

I'd submitted mine....
Do view my journey of love,
And vote for me here:

Brought to you.
By Enchanteur,
French Inspired Fragrance,
Unfolds your natural magic!~

Monday, January 19, 2015

Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance

I always love pink...
I always wish that,
I could see and feel:
The real sakura......
I always wanted to have,
Fairer skin complexion...

Butterfly Project & Garnier Malaysia..
Somehow amazingly,
Heard my wishes...
And granted my wishes,
By sending me.....
Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Gift pack!~

Garnier Sakura White PInkish Radiance Cleansing Foam,
Selling at RM12.90 for 100ml..
It deeply and gently cleanses the skin,
To reveal fresh and pinkish radiant complexion..
It's gentle and suitable for sensitive skin..
It is also dermatological tested,
And carefully designed for Asian skins..

I love the packing...
Especially when it's pink and white in colour...
With almost-look-as-if-it's-real-sakura photos on it!~

Poured a little of the pink foam on my palm...
And make bubbles and wash my face....

The wonderful part is.....
I can 'smell' sakura!~
As-if I'm really surrounded by sakura flowers!~
I'm so in love with the scent!
My face and hands are clean...
So clean until I really can feel,
The freshness on my flesh! 

All set!~
Getting ready to try the next product:

Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Moisturizing Cream...
With SPF21/PA+++
Selling at RM24.90 for 50ml...

Enriched with Sakura Extract,
A gentle but powerful ingredient,
All the way from Japan..
This delicate pinkish cream,
With a blend of Sakura Extracts,
Vitamin B3 and Vitimin CG,
Nourishes skin deeply,
And helps lighten skin tone and dark spots,
Refine skin texture,
And smoothen pores...
It's suitable even for sensitive skin...

The moment I open up the cover...
I can't stop myself but keep on loving,
The aroma of sakura!~
And guess what?!
The day cream is in pink colour, too!~
It's gonna be a pinkish pinky day!~

Without wasting any seconds,
I applied the light pink day cream...
On every inch of my hands....

Oh my!!!~
Look at the transformation!~
Just look at the difference!~

I can swear to you,
There's no photoshop effect involved,
There's no changing in lights in the room...

Please compare the photos,
And see the different!

I rub my eyes disbelievingly:
Immediate white and shinny!~

I don't know about other users,
I don't know about any scientific proof...
But I see with my own eyes:
Skin blooms beautifully,
Like Sakura flower:
Fair, Fresh, Translucent,
With Pinkish glow!!!~~~

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Masquerade Makeup Design Competition

Be dazzled by Cheras LeisureMall's
Masquerade Makeup Design Competition!~

15 make up enthusiasts shortlisted,
From their online submission of make up design,
With the theme of  'Masquerade'

Each and every make up artist,
Are tested with the skill,
And staying calm and focused...
To completing their beautiful mask...
Live within 45 minutes...
Beautiful hand-drawing..
Of Sakura-aliked flowers...

Completed 'masquerade'
Make up artist,
With her model...

Panel judges:
Make Up Guru: Fabien Wong,
Fashion Designer: William Liew,
Celebrity & Fitness Model: John Oh...

1st Prize - RM1500 worth of CLM Cash Vouchers...
My top favourite of all the contestant...
Definitely deserved it..
Her mask looks so naturally beautiful on the model!~

2nd Prize winner walk away with,
RM1000 worth of CLM cash vouchers,
While 3rd prize - RM800 CLM cash vouchers....

12 consolation prizes:
RM200 worth of CLM cash vouchers each..

Congrats to all the winners!~

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Butterfly Xmas Beauty Box - BeeUtifly Beauty Regime

Christmas is over and it's a brand new year now....
Santa Butterfly's been treating mummy super good...
We're still exploring what's more...
In our Butterfly Christmas Beauty Box...

This time...
We're having a nice spa session...
Indulge ourselves...
With a wonderful relaxing pampering session....
What a great way to start our 2015!~

Hand's skin always will reveal your real age....

Despite mummy's hand always touching detergents,
While washing clothes, dishes and doing houseworks...

With L'occitane's En Provence Velvet Hand Cream...
It actually did some 'magic' in mummy's hand...
And make her hands look even younger than she's suppose to..

The texture is of the hand cream,
Is completely absorbed by the hand...
Right after the application...

Look at the immediate difference,
On the skin texture...
Moisture, hydrated...
Glow and shine!~
And most of all..
It's not sticky!!!~
Such a lovely hand cream!

The most wonderful part is...
It smells so nice!!!!!~~~
I keep on hold mummy's hand...
And take her hand to smell...
Later on,
Can't help applying some..
On my little hands, too!~

Always 21 Alow Vera Soothing Gel Mist...
Soothing & Refreshing Spray!~

It wakes us up...
When we're still sleepy in the morning...
It wakes mummy up..
When she feels sleepy while working..
It wakes daddy up..
When he feels sleepy while driving...

Look at mummy's hand,
After I spray the gel mist on her hand...
Immediate shine and hydrated....

Love Aloe Vera scent?
You're going to....
Fall in love...
With this product for sure!~

It's time,
For some hair spa...
With Matrix Biolage Colorlast Shampoo...

ColorLast Shampoo,
With low pH purifies,
As it helps prolong colour vibrancy..

Like nature's fade-defying orchid,
ColorLast nourishes and protects,
To help maintain the depth, tone and shine 
Of color-treated hair...

Can't wait to apply..
Bubbly bubble shampoo,
On our hair...

Nature Republic Snail Solution Hydrogel Mask Sheet
Snail mask?!~
Does it actually really contain snail???

It contains snail secretion filtrate,
And its refreshing texture,
Soothes our distressed skin..

Look at the moisture piece of mask!~
Mummy really can't wait..
To put it on her face...
Gently embracing the surface of her face...
To moisture her face...
From inside out!~

Remove the plastics covering the mask sheet...
And realized..
The texture of the mask,
Is a bit special...

Weirdo feeling!~
Mummy actually love the feeling of~
Having 'snails' on her face!~

Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask
Just the right mask,
For mummy's thirsty skin!~

It contains next generation 3D hyaluronic acid,
To hydrate our skin from beneath the surface,
For 24 hours of long lasting moisture retention...

Look at the moistured mask!~
Can't wait to put it on mummy's face...
And look at mummy,
Transforming from a 'monster' with mask...
To a beeUtifly mummy,
With her softer, smoother, plumped and glowing face!~

Hey butterflies....
I do hope you all will...
Enjoy your 2015 Beauty Regime...
As much as I did!~

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Butterfly Xmas Beauty Box - BeeUtifly Make Up

It's time...
To reveal more beauty items we get...
From Butterfly Project's
Christmas Party's Beauty Box:-
BeeUtifly Make Up Collection!~

First Item in my BeeUtifly Make Up Collection:
Maybelline's Electro Pop Lipstick....
With Shea Butter & Vitamin E....
Plus watermelon flavor..

I love the colour:
Pink Shock!~
Truly create a shockingly beeUtifly effect,
On the lips...

Second Item in my BeeUtifly Make Up Collection:
Collection Hotlights Lip Gloss...

The feature I love most...
Is the super duper cool light!~
Which really 'lighten' up my lips....
Never need to worry about...
If there's enough light source,
To apply lip gloss now!~

Beside the cool light..
The lip gloss comes together with mirror!~
Now I really can apply my lip gloss,
Anywhere I likey!~
Such an awesome five stars product!!!~

Third Items in my BeeUtifly Make Up Collection:
Maybelline's Colour Show....

Just look at the colour!~
Purplish pinky nice!~

Wonderful mother-daughter bonding moment...

 With nice pedicure and manicure!~

Last but not least...
DollyWink EyeLiner..
To make our eyes,
Looks even bigger and more attractive!~

Which items we love most in the Beauty Box?
It's impossible to choose!~
As we love it all!~

Stay BeeUtifly Butterflies!~

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