Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Butterfly Xmas Beauty Box - BeeUtifly Make Up

It's time...
To reveal more beauty items we get...
From Butterfly Project's
Christmas Party's Beauty Box:-
BeeUtifly Make Up Collection!~

First Item in my BeeUtifly Make Up Collection:
Maybelline's Electro Pop Lipstick....
With Shea Butter & Vitamin E....
Plus watermelon flavor..

I love the colour:
Pink Shock!~
Truly create a shockingly beeUtifly effect,
On the lips...

Second Item in my BeeUtifly Make Up Collection:
Collection Hotlights Lip Gloss...

The feature I love most...
Is the super duper cool light!~
Which really 'lighten' up my lips....
Never need to worry about...
If there's enough light source,
To apply lip gloss now!~

Beside the cool light..
The lip gloss comes together with mirror!~
Now I really can apply my lip gloss,
Anywhere I likey!~
Such an awesome five stars product!!!~

Third Items in my BeeUtifly Make Up Collection:
Maybelline's Colour Show....

Just look at the colour!~
Purplish pinky nice!~

Wonderful mother-daughter bonding moment...

 With nice pedicure and manicure!~

Last but not least...
DollyWink EyeLiner..
To make our eyes,
Looks even bigger and more attractive!~

Which items we love most in the Beauty Box?
It's impossible to choose!~
As we love it all!~

Stay BeeUtifly Butterflies!~

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  1. so cute.. :D your daughter sure likes the nail polish.

  2. oh ya the mirror got a seal, you can feel it off to make clear look for mirror

  3. I have that Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Shock but a different Packaging ... great product. I would love to try "Dollywink" as I've heard so much about it

  4. almost forgot yeah.. dollywink. I am tried it, love it.

  5. Love the Hotlights Lip Gloss from this collection. With a mirror in place, its a sure shot handbag essential!!

  6. I love the nail polish especially, thanks for sharing. www.yummomummo.blogspot.com