Monday, January 19, 2015

Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance

I always love pink...
I always wish that,
I could see and feel:
The real sakura......
I always wanted to have,
Fairer skin complexion...

Butterfly Project & Garnier Malaysia..
Somehow amazingly,
Heard my wishes...
And granted my wishes,
By sending me.....
Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Gift pack!~

Garnier Sakura White PInkish Radiance Cleansing Foam,
Selling at RM12.90 for 100ml..
It deeply and gently cleanses the skin,
To reveal fresh and pinkish radiant complexion..
It's gentle and suitable for sensitive skin..
It is also dermatological tested,
And carefully designed for Asian skins..

I love the packing...
Especially when it's pink and white in colour...
With almost-look-as-if-it's-real-sakura photos on it!~

Poured a little of the pink foam on my palm...
And make bubbles and wash my face....

The wonderful part is.....
I can 'smell' sakura!~
As-if I'm really surrounded by sakura flowers!~
I'm so in love with the scent!
My face and hands are clean...
So clean until I really can feel,
The freshness on my flesh! 

All set!~
Getting ready to try the next product:

Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Moisturizing Cream...
With SPF21/PA+++
Selling at RM24.90 for 50ml...

Enriched with Sakura Extract,
A gentle but powerful ingredient,
All the way from Japan..
This delicate pinkish cream,
With a blend of Sakura Extracts,
Vitamin B3 and Vitimin CG,
Nourishes skin deeply,
And helps lighten skin tone and dark spots,
Refine skin texture,
And smoothen pores...
It's suitable even for sensitive skin...

The moment I open up the cover...
I can't stop myself but keep on loving,
The aroma of sakura!~
And guess what?!
The day cream is in pink colour, too!~
It's gonna be a pinkish pinky day!~

Without wasting any seconds,
I applied the light pink day cream...
On every inch of my hands....

Oh my!!!~
Look at the transformation!~
Just look at the difference!~

I can swear to you,
There's no photoshop effect involved,
There's no changing in lights in the room...

Please compare the photos,
And see the different!

I rub my eyes disbelievingly:
Immediate white and shinny!~

I don't know about other users,
I don't know about any scientific proof...
But I see with my own eyes:
Skin blooms beautifully,
Like Sakura flower:
Fair, Fresh, Translucent,
With Pinkish glow!!!~~~


  1. Very pretty packaging! I love that these products are targeted for asian women. I will have to sample some of it but it looks like it works great on you. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I think we still don't have that product here in the Philippines. Might try soon if they hit the shelves here.

  3. sounds interesting, haven't tried and seen that here in our place but if it can help me with my acne problems, i would gladly try it.

  4. Looks good on your skin. Hmmmm, products like this are gonna be on women's list.

  5. Garnier always has amazing Products. There was a huge difference with the before and after pictures, your Skin looks waaaay softer. The Packaging is cute as well

  6. The packaging is gorgeous. Love it! I haven't seen the same line here in Jakarta :D

  7. The package looks super lovely and alone would want to make me try the range! Can't go wrong with Garnier products! Sim @ x

  8. I guess if you see it works then it must work. The products looks effective too.

  9. I won't mind if my wife bought and I use it on my face also. Clean looking skin tones are important, not necessarily very white.

  10. I also have a soft spot for pink packaging. This is really nice! But my sensitive skin is not really suitable for the usual drugstore products! So sad.

  11. Garnier is a great product. And with this cute branding or packaging, for sure women will love them even more!

  12. I am on the state of looking at you as you open the package sent to you and how your facial expression as if you transform into a happy, jolly fellow with all smile in your face.

  13. Oh, this is in Malaysia. I wonder if this is available in the Philippines. I will check out the cosmetic store. I hope they have an eye cream in this variant. -katrina centeno

  14. Love these new products by Garnier! I love the application of Japanese Sakura into the mix! :)

  15. The packaging is beautiful and the content sounds good too. Anything that helps keep us radiant gets top marks from me.

  16. That is such a great product. Garnier is yet to launch this range in India but if they do, I will be the first one to buy it. :)

  17. wwaaaahh! very cute1 I like it1 It is so pink unfortunately, I don't think I will purchase it because I once tried using garnier and it wasnt good for me

  18. wow! I wish to see them in Pakistan as I am a bog garnier fan!

  19. I love Garnier, they are such a good brand. this sakura white looks fab x