Thursday, January 8, 2015

Masquerade Makeup Design Competition

Be dazzled by Cheras LeisureMall's
Masquerade Makeup Design Competition!~

15 make up enthusiasts shortlisted,
From their online submission of make up design,
With the theme of  'Masquerade'

Each and every make up artist,
Are tested with the skill,
And staying calm and focused...
To completing their beautiful mask...
Live within 45 minutes...
Beautiful hand-drawing..
Of Sakura-aliked flowers...

Completed 'masquerade'
Make up artist,
With her model...

Panel judges:
Make Up Guru: Fabien Wong,
Fashion Designer: William Liew,
Celebrity & Fitness Model: John Oh...

1st Prize - RM1500 worth of CLM Cash Vouchers...
My top favourite of all the contestant...
Definitely deserved it..
Her mask looks so naturally beautiful on the model!~

2nd Prize winner walk away with,
RM1000 worth of CLM cash vouchers,
While 3rd prize - RM800 CLM cash vouchers....

12 consolation prizes:
RM200 worth of CLM cash vouchers each..

Congrats to all the winners!~

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  1. creative and fun, nice contest.. but too late jor when i want to join..

  2. Oh wow! Wish to see you in one too. Happy Monday, dear! xoxo

  3. Wow .. Look 2 ( with the Model Sitting ) looks so High Fashion. Make-up is such beautiful Art

  4. great and fun event! I haven''t witnessed these kinds of events before, nor have I heard anything like this is done here. Seems like a fun event...

  5. Congrats to all the winners. Great post

  6. A very nice and creative contest. wish we have also a similar event in our place.

  7. Very creative designs. How different is it from the face painting done on kids' birthdays?

  8. Artistic!, thanks for sharing and congrats to all the winners.

  9. I am not much into this face painting. I am always afraid that the skin will get allergic to the makeup used.

  10. Wow! Ang galing ng make-up! Ako, hindi talaga marunong. Kahit kilay ko di ko malagyan ng makeup. Hehe!

  11. Looked like a fun event! I especially love the details on the face of the girl with the orange hue and flowers :)

  12. Oh my look at the designs! To be that creative and have that amount of patience! Stunning! Sim @ x

  13. Truly amazing! Thanks for giving us a rare look into this practice and the fun it creates! I love the theme of a masquerade, because in life there are so many mysteries. As we celebrate these wonderful things that people do, it's always reminds me of how we can bring that same sense of wonder to other parts of our lives!

    I hope you will visit my blog and share some of your thoughts also. Cheers, Maria

  14. Gorgeous masquerade make up. I think this is the same Syafiera our blogger friend participated rite?

  15. I love the artistic work they did! The designs are truly amazing and unique! It takes a lot of talent to do that!

  16. I couldn't see clearly the design for the winner! Do you have the design for the 2nd and 3rd as well? Thought it will be fun to take a look at theirs!

  17. Wow, the Masquerade Makeup Design Competition must have been a spectacular event, I love the make up ideas and the participants did an amazing work indeed! I would like to be present at such a masquerade contest.

  18. I like the sakura masquerade, its something feminine and special.

  19. How much fun this would have been to participate it! The designs are amazing!