Thursday, February 5, 2015

Big Red Strawberry Farm

Our 2nd visit,
To the very same strawberry farm...
At Cameron Highlands:
Big Red Strawberry Farm...

Many strawberries...
And not every one of it,
Is big and red yet..
Some of it is still green...
And not yet ripe...

Love the view of the green lettuce!
Simply amazing!~

We're attracted to the colourful cactus...

As well as different variety of cactus!~

My di di loves to see the fish fish,
In the little pond at the strawberry farm..

The hibiscus is kind of huge!~
I guess it's related to the weather..
It's cool and the flower loves to bloom!~

We walked along the path,
With different colours of flowers!~

We ate exactly the same food,
As our previous visit...
We're not going to blog about the same thing, again..

Stopover at this beautiful temple,
Before we headed back to our room...

We take our very sweet time,
As we're not rushing to anywhere!~


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