Friday, February 6, 2015

Cameron Waterfall - Lata Iskandar

We passed by this waterfall:
Hutan Lipur Lata Iskandar..
Every time on the way up,
As well as on the way down,
To and fro Cameron Highlands...

But each and everytime,
It's either we're fast asleep,
Or it's too dark or late,
To stop by...

We get to explore,
This little waterfall...
As the timing is just perfect,
At the time we're coming down,
From Cameron...

Although we didn't really plan,
To play water here....
But we can't help,
Wetting our legs...
And then have lots of fun,
Splish splashing,
Until our clothes are wet...

For those whom wanna play,
In waterfall area..
Do take precaution on this 'Kepala Air'
As early detection may really save lives!~

It's indeed a fun way,
To end our vacation..
And start our schooling day...
The next day!~


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