Monday, March 30, 2015

Atopic Eczema Treatment with Avene

Range of products,
I'm using..
From Avene
For Atopic Eczema Treatment....

Cold Cream is a remarkable product,
Traditional formula,
By Avene...
In the French Pharmaceutical Codex,
Made from Bees wax,
Sweet almond oil and rosewater...
Also known as Galen's cerate,
It offers the full benefit of..
The exceptional nourishing capacity,
And incomparable properties of its cold cream...

When applies as soon as the cold sets in,
The products in the cold cream line nourish,
Soften and protect the skin..
Its protective film,
Is restored and irritation disappears...

Avene Thermal Spring Water,
Is always their start product..
With its unique composition,
To soothes and softens the skin,
And restores skin's natural balance...

It is bottled directly from the source,
Bacteriologically pure!~
And preservative-free...
Cicalfate Repair Cream,
Is used to prevent infection..
And heal the skin better and faster...
It is use from 1-3 days during remission periods,
For optimum results...

The micronised sucralfate,
Enables not only soothing,
But also tissue regeneration..
For us on broken skin, non-oozing eczema,
Stitching, bed sores, skin ulsers and post laser...

It helps to prevents the signs of scarring..
It's suitable for infants, children as well as adults..
It's fragrance and preservative-free...

On day 4 onwards,
Trixera+ Selectiose Emollient is used.
For care and maintenance therapy,
To keep recuring flares under control....

For moderate to intense skin dryness,
It nourishes,
Restores the skin barrier,
Soothes irritation,
And reduces skin hypersensitivity.

It is rich in Avene Thermal Spring Water,
To sooth and soften skin..
Selectiose reduces,
Skin hypersensitivity and irritation..
And controls skin inflammation response...

It helps to prevents moisture loss,
Suitable for infants, children and adults..
And it's fragrance-free, paraben-free..

Sensitive skin,
With reddish spots.
On my back's skin..

That already 100% cured,
After the whole atopic eczema treatment,
With Avene..

Thank you for the amazing product!~

Monday, March 23, 2015

Time to Enjoy Life - Taiwan with Butterfly Malaysia

Has one of the highest,
Butterfly species concentrations,
In the world...
With at least 377 species,
According to Wikipedia...

I'd never ever been to Taiwan...
I'd really wish to go to Taiwan...
And I really love to have my Time for Taiwan...
I think it'd be extra super duper meaningful..
If I could join and win a trip to Taiwan,
By Time for Taiwan TTBKL
And Butterfly Project Malaysia,

As butterfly lovers,
I'm really thrill and happy,
To read about,
The Butterfly Viewing event,
In Purple Butterfly Valley,
As appeared,
In Taiwan - The Heart of Asia's Official Website..

I'd really wish to have,
The kind of experience,
Looking at the magnificent,
World-class scene of,
Beautiful purple butterflies,
Dancing in the air...

Well of course,
I don't really attracted,
ONLY to the butterflies...
As there's so much more,
Beauty to explore,
In this Formosa,
As what the Portuguese called Taiwan...
When they saw,
The verdant beauty of the island..

Each and every time,
I saw my friends,
Whom traveled to Taiwan,
Sharing their Taiwan's food photo,
In their social media..
It really makes me drooling!~
I heard my tummy's 'inner voice'
Requesting me to have,
A taste of Taiwan...
With the variety of Chinese cuisine,
Available in Taiwan...
I'm sure there's a lot of food,
That will perfectly fit my taste bud...

Century Egg with Spring Onion..
With only simple food presentation,
Already sufficient to make me,
Feels extremely hungry,
By just looking at the photo!~

Can you imagine,
If I have the chance,
To fly to Taiwan,
And taste this for real!~

Oh my!~
This really sounds like,
A dream comes true trip!~
For my stomach,
As well as for myself!~

Frankly speaking,
I can't smell the stinky smell,
In the photo..
But my instinct is telling me,
I'm going to love this stinky Tofu,
Which I'll be chewing and biting..
If I have the chance of the lifetime,

But the question is:
Will my wish be granted?

Do you know what girls love the most?
Time for shopping!!!~
From North to South of Taiwan,
There're many large shopping centers,
And chain department stores...
Combining diverse leisure,
And entertainment facilities!~

I really never shop,
In a Dream Mall before...
I bet nobody could resist,
To shop around,
The most beautiful,
And dreamy dream mall,
In Kaohsiung...

I'm 100% sure that,
Even guys will love shopping,
When they step inside this mall,
That only appear,
Just in dreamland - Taiwan!~

Hey!~ Hello!~ Wei!~
STOP dreaming and wake up!~
You think you have the chance to really win?
Just going to choose,
One winner with the partner only!~
Just one winner!~

Could it be me?!~
Could you please pick me?!~
Please please please!~
I really wish I could continue dreaming..
And continue printing my footsteps...
At the old street of Jiufen...

Taipei city is truly an amazing gems,
Waiting for me to explore,
Each and every inch of the wonderful land!~

What's more?!~
I could even have my time spent,
For 2 wheels!~

Let's travel with the LOHAS trend..

What's LOHAS?
LOHAS means Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability!~
Taiwan offers an endless number of ways,
With an Oriental flair,
And a uniquely Taiwanese way,
To stay healthy!~

I love cycling!~
It would be unique kind of travel,
To spend my time,
With some extra exercise!~

When I'm back after the trip,
I won't need to face the kind of trouble,
Of getting rid of my extra fat,
For eating extra,
When I can't resist delicious food in Taiwan..

You are really still dreaming huh?
You think you really stand a chance?
There's so many butterfly bloggers,
Whom can write so well....
And you are still here writing,
Far far away,
From winning a trip to Taiwan...
And you already talking about,
Coming back from the trip...
Really no eye see....
No eye see?
Just yet to close your eyes first...
Take a look at the breathtaking view......
Of Sun Moon Lake at Nantou...

I'll be truly regret,
If I didn't even try~~
To 'fight' for a chance,
I mean 'write' for a chance,
To be the one,
Cycling in the photo,
Cycling with my partner....
At Sun Moon Lake Cycling Route!~

I have to admit..
I already fall in love,
With the scenic nature in Taiwan...

I love visiting farms..
I just discovered that,
Time for Travel TTBKL,
Are actual offering...
Taiwan Leisure Farm Special Tour Package..
When I hop over to their facebook page......

I'm going to get all information I needed,
Regarding on visiting Taiwan,
By just a single click...
So convenient!~

Continue amazed by...
The natural beauty of Taiwan...
In TarokoGorge, Hualien...

The only place,
With such exotically beautiful natural scene...
At PengHu, Taiwan...

The city view is as much beautiful...
As the natural path......

The iconic building of Taiwan..
Taipei 101....
Stands out in the morning sun rise!~

Taipei 101,
Gives a total different city feels,
During the night view...
The lights are just like stars,
Shinning brightly in the sky!~

Don't miss out the chance,
To explore the beauty of Taiwan...
And the Time to Enjoy Life...
In coming soon Taiwan Travel Fair..
Which is happening on 25-29 March 2015...
At Oval, One Utama Shopping Centre....

Do you still want to stay here,
And continue dreaming together with me?

Come on!!
Let's stop dreaming together,
And put our words into action..

Let's go to One Utama Shopping Centre,
Anytime between 25-29 March 2015,
And check out for great Taiwan Travel's deal..

It's time to enjoy life!
It's time to fly to Taiwan!~

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Dettol Healthy Fresh Body Wash Media Launch

Dettol launched its newly-improved,
Dettol Healthy Fresh Body Wash Range...
That comes with 12-hour odour protection,
And longer lasting freshness...

Dettol also unveiled a new varient,
Dettol Lasting Fresh with cucumber extracts!

 Opening by Jay Menon..

 Zumba Opening Performance...

Welcome address by...
Mr Rakesh Kumar Singh,
Marketing Manager of Dettol,
RB Malaysia & Singapore..

 Launch of Dettol Healthy Fresh Body Wash....

Together with celebrity mum,
Nana Mahazan....

Dettol Healthy Fresh Body Wash,
Is available in 250ml (RM6.90),
500ml (RM11.90), 950ml (RM17.90),
And 900ml refill (RM15.25)
Can be found in all retail stores nationwide,
And is suitable for use by the entire family!~

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Loreal Paris Women of Worth

Celebrates the beauty of women,
From all walks of life,
By honouring Malaysia Women of Worth,
Represented by celebrities:
Nana Mahazan, Nurita Harith and Tracy Cheong..

Welcome address by,
Darren Ho,
General Manager,
Of Loreal Consumer Products Division..

Presentation on,
Loreal Paris Women of Worth,
By Daniel Lim
Senior Product Manager,
Of Loreal Paris Malaysia.

Celebrities and their women of worth...

Cake cutting ceremony...

Celebrating 30th Anniversary!~

Loreal Paris Color Riche,
Is showcasing all 22 shades!~

Color Riche,
Is the world's most iconic lipstick,
Because there's a colour for all women..

It's so easy to be empowered,
Just pick one Color Riche lipstick (or more)
And make it your signature shade today!~

With so many shades to choose from,
Our Woman of Worth deserves
A Color Riche lipstick,
To show how much we value her..

What's more:
Loreal Paris also invites all Malaysian women,
To honour the Women of Worth in their lives..
Just snap a photo of yourself and your Women of Worth,
And share your stories on Loreal Paris Malaysia's Facebook or Instagram..
And hashtag #WOWLorealParis...

Make a promise to yourself this year,
To be a Woman of Worth..
Feel empowered.
Do something new.
Try everything you've always wanted to.
Also don't forget to appreciate your very own Women of Worth.
Tell her that you love her for who she is and recognize her abilities!~

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Face Factors Clinic - Sweedish Lymphatic Massage

Face Factors Clinic,
A premier aesthetic and wellness clinic,
Located in Solaris Dutamas...

This award-winning clinic,
Offers a complete range of services...

Ranging from advanced aesthetic,
And anti-aging solutions,
Unique body treatments,
Plus hand and nail therapies...

Sweedish Lymphatic Massage,
A 2-hour massage,
Using OYA's Methode range,
Of massage oil...

The session begins with,
Scrubbing using concentrated aromatic oil..
Smell so nice~~~~
After scrubbing,
Leaving the skin so smooth!~

The actual massage session starts...
With Draining,
Which helps and regulates lymphatic flow..
To give the body a positive massage of peace....
Followed by Relaxing oil...
To relax the skin before any treatment...
That helps in treatment..

Last but not least,
The The Thermal Dynamic Complex,
For increasing fat combustion....

Mummy always having body-ache,
Especially backache,
Plus feeling shivering cold,
After delivering my di di..

This thermal blanket treatment,
Leaving her warm and comfortable...
To sooth and relax her body...

After the wonderful relaxing massage session,
She was sitting in this comfortable area,
Drinking her cup of ginger tea....

D3-G4-2,  No.1,
Solaris Dutamas,
Jalan Dutamas,
Sri Hatamas,
Kuala Lumpur.