Thursday, April 30, 2015

EJS Kids Jewellery Making Workshop

I enjoyed myself very much,
Making my very own beautiful jewelleries,
With EJS at Kinukuniya...

We're having Straw Theme today!~
Colourful straws is our main materials...

Bead designing tools!~
Makes me looks so professional!~

So many variety of beads,
For us to choose from!~

Demonstration on..
How to make our own jewellery,

Arrange it accordingly,
On what patterns I like!~

My beautiful Jewellery Instructor,
Ms Angie Ng,
Is demonstrating the completed necklace...

Of course,
We didn't just make  a necklace,
But also bracelet as well as earrings!~

It's such a enjoyable workshop...
Feels free to join their Felt Theme on 17 May 2015,
And Wired Theme Jewellery Workshop on 28 June 2015!~
At Kinukuniya, KLCC...
I'm sure you'll have as much fun as I did,
At the same time,
Learning basic skill on jewellery making!~

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Cheras Leisure Mall Easter Decorations

We went Cheras Leisure Mall..
To join their Happy Easter Colouring Contest...
You may hop over to Little Artist's blog,
To have a view at our Easter's art works...

I'm truly impressed,
With the cute Easter Decoration..
At Cheras Leisure Mall..

With the touch and feels of Spring..
With lots and lots of colourful flowers...

I'm truly happy,
To spot the cutie bunny aka rabbit..
All over the decoration place...

Ladybird and other animals..
Also join the Easter Celebrations,
In Cheras Leisure Mall..

In their not so secretive Secret Garden..

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tell me..
Which girl don't like shopping?
But with the busy and hectic schedules,
I suppose,
Online shopping is the best choice....
When we're given too many choices of links,
To shop around...
We'll feel lost.....
Which is the best deal?
Where got the best offer?
What's the great promotion?

iPrice is the solution!~
Your one stop shopping destination!~

With iPrice,
Top coupon codes and offers...
Are easily arranged for user to spotted,
The greatest offers,
In the shortest period!~
Making online shopping,
A very wonderful pleasant experience...
For all shoppers!~

There are so many choices of products...
For us to choose from....
And nicely categorized...
For our easy reference....

From clothing...
To shoes.....

We can shop for ourselves......
From the top of our head...
To the tip of our toe.....
There's surely products,
That suite our needs exactly!

As long as we found,
What we wanted to buy...

Just a simple click,
Will lead us to their affiliate's site:
For example: Lazada...

The choices they offer,
And the selections that they provides,
Are really a lot!~

Easily linked to Zalora,
By just one click!~

Headquarters in Kuala Lumpur,
Quickly grew into the leading platform,
For online shoppers,
Across 7 markets:
Malaysia, Singapore,
Indonesia, Philippines,
Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam..
So, shoppers, 
Don't miss out the chance to explore..
iPrice - your one stop shopping destination!~

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Trisha's Handmade

I'm truly impressed...
With her passion and skills...
On handmade soap...

My new anti-mosquito Lotion Spray.....

Unlike any other anti-mosquito spray,
This one actually smell nice!~~~
And it's surprisingly super effective, too!~

Frankly speaking..
I don't really know Tai Yi Gao...
And until I really tried it out...
My mosquito bite actually dissapeared,
Just a short moment after I applied it on....
And the amazing part is..
This little blacky balm,
Actually have so many medical benefits....

For more information..
Don't forget to PM Trisha Yau,

It's truly handmade and homemade...
High quality products!~