Thursday, April 30, 2015

EJS Kids Jewellery Making Workshop

I enjoyed myself very much,
Making my very own beautiful jewelleries,
With EJS at Kinukuniya...

We're having Straw Theme today!~
Colourful straws is our main materials...

Bead designing tools!~
Makes me looks so professional!~

So many variety of beads,
For us to choose from!~

Demonstration on..
How to make our own jewellery,

Arrange it accordingly,
On what patterns I like!~

My beautiful Jewellery Instructor,
Ms Angie Ng,
Is demonstrating the completed necklace...

Of course,
We didn't just make  a necklace,
But also bracelet as well as earrings!~

It's such a enjoyable workshop...
Feels free to join their Felt Theme on 17 May 2015,
And Wired Theme Jewellery Workshop on 28 June 2015!~
At Kinukuniya, KLCC...
I'm sure you'll have as much fun as I did,
At the same time,
Learning basic skill on jewellery making!~


  1. Very creative! I like the multiple colours of beads you used..looks like a fun workshop :)

  2. Oh that looks so fun... My daughter would love to go for such an interesting workshops. Now I'm gong to be on a lookout for those in SG.

  3. Aww! This is indeed a cute workshop for kids! At the beginning, I was confused where the straws will be used! Very creative!

  4. I didn't know there is some kind of special board/tool on making necklaces. I used to make/sell bracelets back in college. For me, its really therapeutic when Im doing arts and crafts, lol

  5. Nice workshop for mums and people who love to extend their talent into something useful.

  6. Such workshop is good for developing the kids' creativity and appreciation for colours. Thanks for sharing your experience. I believe children will love playing with all these toys!

  7. My daughter would have absolutely loved this workshop - she is far more creative than I am! I am due to take her to a bath bomb workshop during the school holidays which I know she will absolutely love! :) x

  8. a great workshop for kids. practical and who knows, they may want to design jewellery later in the future

  9. wow .. this is a nice workshop for the kids. it will enhance their creativity and entrepreneurship skills ...

  10. This is amazing. My daughter would have loved this workshop as she is very creative and crafty.

  11. DIY workshops like this will always be better than leaving your kids with their faces buried in iPads the whole day! Haha! Wish we had workshops like this in Manila more often! :D

  12. This is very cute and good learning workshop for kids as it helps to improve their motor skills and concentration. Surely they will love the end results.

  13. Sounds a eun workshop you've attended. And the necklace you done is just good. you are one of those creative people.

  14. This would really be fun for kids. They get to be creative and they can create special tokens for friends and love ones.

  15. I have attended the adult jewelry making class by EJS, it was great. I hope you have a good time that day.

  16. That workshop must have rocked. I love what you were able to make with the pieces... beautiful!

  17. wow this is so fun and creative! Perfect workshop for kids :D

  18. I love workshops like these. There are a few that are done in the summer here and I think I just may take my toddler to one.

  19. Creative idea! cute and perhaps good for the kids. Could make use of recyclable materials. Eco-friendly! :-)