Thursday, August 20, 2015

Panasonic Beauty Workshop - Make Beautiful Happen

Panasonic Beauty Workshop..
Make Beautiful Happen...

A informative workshop....
Yet casual tea party,
At Betjeman & Barton...
Where each and every one of us...
Have a chance to try out and experience,
Products from Panasonic Beauty!~

Mr Takaaki Uehara,
The Consumer Marketing Director,
For Panasonic Malaysia....
Promised that..
Panasonic will continue providing..
Malaysian women,
With innovative and practical solutions...
For our beauty regime!~

Yves Chong,
Style Director,
From Number 76 Hair Salon....
Sharing the benefits of
Panasonic's hair care products...
With little demonstration...

Celebrity Aishah Sinclair,
Whom are now Mix FM radio announcer...
And Panasonic Beauty Brand's Personality,
Shared how she maintained her beauty,
With Panasonic Beauty products!~

The Beauty Care range of products...

EH-SW50 Eye Warming Massager..
With 2-level temperature setting
2 selectable vibration modes
And 1 hour quick charging...

Facial Cool Putter..
Instantly cool and tighten skin
30-second quick cooling..
Recommended  to use with,
Facial Ionic Steamer,
For Optimal Skin Care outcome..

Facial Ionic Steamer,
Moisture penetrates deeply into skin
Simple 6-minute Spa
With compact, Stylish Design..

Warming facial & Body Roller...
Warm heat generator
Lasting gloss coating
Cordless and rechargeable..

Hair Care range of products...

Nanoe Hair Dryer
Nanoe Charge Panel
Healthy Mode of 50 Degree Celsius...

Nanoe & Platinum Ion Hair Dryer
External Nanoe Outlet
With foldable handle..

Nanoe Hair Straighterner
Photoceramic Coating
5 Temperature settings
Intelligent Sensing System for Safe Design..

Scalp Massager
4-Disc Rotating Massage Brush Head
Enjoy Scalp Spa whenever you want..
Keeps scalp clean and healthy...

Last but not least,
Panasonic also providing..
Oral Care range of products..

It's indeed a comfy, casual and informative workshop!~


  1. I think i am gonna try the rebonding clip. Thanks for sharing! ✨

  2. cant wait to see their oral care range, sound so fun :) i might need it hehehe

  3. I love and trust Panasonic brand! Good brands so far

    Kolin zainal

  4. Ah! you ladies really have fun with panasonic beauty jealous!

  5. I love the scalp massager.. I did not see it in Harvey Norman though when I went there recently..

  6. hehe.. pampering session. is fun to try out their new tools. We mommies need this beauty workshop. :D

  7. that's a lot of product showcase.. not bad at all. which of it i can use? hehe

  8. You been there too!! Ladies love all these beauty gadgets! Love all panasonic range of these beauty gadgets.

  9. A good series of Panasonic beauty products...wish the scalp massager not too expensive...then I can own one soon ; )
    Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  10. Would like to try the Facial Ionic Steamer, would be like a pampering session on to my facial skin haha.

  11. it was pretty fun trying out all the devices, would be more fun if we can bring it home eh.

  12. Nice meeting you in the event. But not have a really good chance to talk with each other.

  13. i 've been eyeing on some Panasonic gadgets lately!
    the event looks great btw.

  14. I'd love to try the facial ionic steamer and the scalp massager ! i have their straightening iron