Monday, August 24, 2015

SkinSoul SkinShield Travelling Set

The Soul of your skin...

Where beautiful skin,
Is a miracle of nature...

I'm going to review:
SkinSoul SkinShield Travelling Set...
Worth RM500...

Do you know what makes SkinShiled unique?
Skin Shield,
New generation dermal care,
Is an active skin renewal range,
That contains a fusion of bio-technically extracted actives,
That influences the structure and biological functioning of the skin.

This is possible owing to the active ingredients,
In the correct strength, concentration and combination,
Resulting in a healthy and optimally functioning skin...

Hydra-Purifying Cleanser...
With loads of skin vitamins and minerals,
From organically grown Ashitaba,
And enriched with the lightening properties,
Of daisy flower extracts...

Truly love the smell,
As well as the brightening,
And moisturizing effect....
Leaving skin,
With a pearly, translucent glow...

Hydrating, Energizing & Pore refining Lotion
Skin calming, moisturizing and purifying benefits...
It gently whisks away impurities and oils that clog pores..

Like the refreshing feeling on my skin,
When applying it on the face!~

Lift & Bright Serum...
Targets ageing at the core,
By infusing nutrients,
Into the deepest layers of t he skin,
To help restores skin elasticity and firmness..

Active polyphenols and flavonoids in Ashitaba,
Play a role in preventing the progression of cumulative damages,
From free radicals and environmental aggressors,
Particularly sun damage....

Like it,
When little princess,
Apply it on mummy's skin...
And looking at mummy's skin..
Transforming to the state,
Nearly as similar to little princess's
It's good to feel young!~

12-in-1 Suncare Day Cream,
With SPF50...
Combines the benefits of skin care and make up:
As it:
1. Hydrates and protects skin..
2. Unifies complexion
3. Brightens up skin
4. Evens out skin tone
5. Conceals and corrects blemishes
6. Fights the signs of ageing
7. Protects skin from UV rays
8. Strengthens skin health
9. Soothes skin irritation
10. Fends off free radicals
11. Stimulates skin rejuvenation
12. Imparts radiant glow to facial countenance...

Smooth skin,
After application of 12-in-1 Suncare day cream...

Night Cream..
This renewal cream works overnight,
By depositing encapsulated retinol in precise concentration,
And timed-release to the innermost layers of the skin,
To help reduce fine lines and wrinkles,
Refine enlarged pores, correct blemishes,
And improve damaged skin condition,
For a noticeably youthful and translucent complexion...

Skin condition,
After applying SkinSoul Night Cream...
Just look at the drastic difference!~

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  1. Ah, I love items that some in travel-size. I am a frequent traveller and always forget to take along some essential care products. It'd be a lot more convenient with a travel set like this.

  2. a new brand in the market. can try out next time :)

  3. I love the product... I am already old.. so it works beautifully for me....

  4. Using this travel set too! Really really like it as it makes my skin radiant ;)

  5. i like their sunscreen ,, can cover all my dark circle & makes my skin flawlesss!
    Enjoy Your Flawless Skin Journey!