Sunday, August 30, 2015

SkinSoul Volume Attack Mascara

SkinSoul Natural Volume Attack Mascara...
With key ingredient:
Mulberry Root Extract,
Deeply nourishes and strengthens lashes...
While Lash Curling Complex,
Promotes natural lasting curls...

The results:
Fuller, longer and beautiful,
Curled lashes...

Mulberry Root Extract:
A natural ingredient,
Derived from mulberry root bark.
It has been used for centuries,
In traditional medicine,
For its ability,
To promote metabolism,
And stimulate hair growth,
Due to its high level of,
Vitamin C and antioxidant properties...

Lash Curling Complex,
Extraordinary and synergistic blend,
Works deeply into the roots of lashes,
Which prolongs the curling effect even after use...

 Before applying the eye mascara...

Immediate effect,
After applying Volume Attack Mascara...

The bonus....
With daily use,
Results will be seen,
As early as 4-6 weeks...
Eye lashes naturally becomes,
Longer with more volume...
100% effectiveness!~

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  1. This looks interesting! I'd be curious to see the results in a couple weeks to see if there is a significant difference. My lashes are already super long but who doesn't want long lashes *wink wink* or should I say *whisp whisp*

  2. I like the way the wand looks. I'm a mascara fiend (must....try....all lol) Id definitely try to build it up to make those lashes really pop

  3. I've never heard of Mulberry Root Extract in a mascara before! I'd be interested in seeing the results in a few weeks!

  4. cant wait to update mine also, this mascara is really good. simply love it <3

    between am following u on G+ ya, feel free to follow me back ^^

  5. You should do a review after a month or so just to compare results. It looks good though !!