Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Play-Doh Month 2015

Having fun with Play-Doh...
In Highstreet Ground Floor,
At One Utama Shopping Centre...

 'Baked' our very own cupcake..
At Sweet Shoppe.....

With a little help...
From Play-Doh tools....

It's truly very fun...
To decorate our cupcakes!~

Attended Play-Doh School...
And have lots of fun..
Learning A-B-C and 1-2-3!~

 Learning is truly fun,
With Play-Doh...

Our creations....
To contribute in breaking,
Malaysia Book Of Records...

For us,
Malaysia is just like our colourful world....
It's a rainbow and flowers in our heart....
From the transformation of caterpillar to butterfly....
We're so proud to be Malaysian!

Look at all those wonderful submissions!~

Successfully set a new record:
With 1,899 sculptures!


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Friday, September 25, 2015

Spirit Week

It's spirit week,
In my kindy...

Dressing up as fairy...

Sunglasses day,
With my pinky sunglasses...

Happy cap day..
With my pinky cap!~

Becoming a super hero..
Partnering with my friend,
Whom is a superboy!~

Last but not least,
Crazy hair day!~

Fun-filled and memorable week!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Guardian People's Choice Award 2015

Guardian People's Choice Award 2015...
Initiated in 2001,
By Guardian Malaysia,
Has established itself...
As a platform,
To engage its customers,
And to help business partners,
And brand owners,
Stay relevant,
To evolving needs of customers...

Emcees of the day!~

A total of 300 products,
From 180 brands,
For the 75 categories of awards....

A big congratulations..
To all the winners!~
Customers who participated,
In the voting for their favourite brands,
Were given the opportunity,
To win fabulous prizes, too!

This year,
A total of 115 Guardian customers,
Took home prizes,
Worth over RM50,000!~


Monday, September 14, 2015

14 Days - C Jello Collagen Bar

C Jello Collagen Bar,
Is made from wild caught deep ocean fishes:
Such as Cod, Pollock and Haddock....

The origin and source of the collagen,
Detemines the purity of the product..
And reduce the risk of contamination...

With Reliable Source,
And Manufacturing Process....

It is definitely,
A better alternative,
Compared to collagen products,
Typically made from,
Farm raised animals..

18 Age fighting benefits of C-Jello has been proven:
Aids in digestion
Attenuates dark spots
Brightens skin
Binds moisture & enhances skin's hydration level
Boosts immune system
Boost energy production
Delays the ageing process
Excellent skin whitening effect
Inhibits melanin production
Low in calories, High in essential nutrients and vitamins
Promotes skin firmness and youthfulness
Promotes healthier joints & ligaments
Promotes healthier hair & stronger nails
Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
Rich in peptides and antioxidants, anti-carcinogen
Reduce calcium loss
Stimulates collagen synthesis
Overall health improvement

It is available,
In Skinsoul outlets,
Located in Mid Valley and Pavillion..

A picture speak a thousand words...
Just compared,
Mummy's skin texture,
Before consuming the product...

 And after consuming C Jello..

Of course,
The best part is...
It really taste super yummy!~

I upcycling C Jello box...
To fit in my jewelry!~
Fit perfectly well!~
So useful!~

For more information on C Jello,
Kindly visit:
You may purchase C Jello,
From skinsoul outlets:
Especially for my readers,
With my code #SSCre8tone,
You just need to show my blog,
And you'd followed and liked,

You'll be entitiled,
- To purchase SkinSoul SkinShield Travelling Set,
   At Only RM388 (NP RM500)...
- To walk away with Mini SkinSoul SkinShield Set,
   Worth RM100, 
   By minimum purchase of RM100 and above,
   In a single receipt..
- To purchase 2 SkinSoul Ultra-Soft Facial Towelettes,
   And walk away with a limited edition (Not for sale)
   SkinSoul Lip Balm.. 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Watson Pure Beauty x All Things Girl 姐妹淘 TVB Drama

Special thanks to Watson & Pure Beauty,
We had an up close and personal session..
With Hong Kong Superstars...
During the launch of ~
All Things Girl infortainment program...

It's truly excited to meet...
Priscilla Wong 黄翠如 ,
Elena Kong 江美仪 &
Joyce Tang 腾丽名..

I like chocolate jie jie very much!~

Emcee of the day!~

A group photo,
With the stage winners...

One from the audience,
Become 'model' of Pure Beauty'...

Selfie with their superstars!~
So lucky!~

Caryn Loh,
General Manager of Trading, Watsons Malaysia,
Gave away bouquet of flowers..
To the 3 Hong Kong superstars...

Over the past decade,
Pure Beauty exclusively at Watsons,
Has embarked on a search,
For the perfect antioxidant,
And along the way discovered many more of,
Nature's skincare secrets...

Inspired by Korean skincare innovation,
Incorporating the finest natural ingredients,
And made skincare products based on,
Powerful antioxidant blends for visible, long term results..

The skin care range available at Watsons stores,
Are the Pomegranate Antioxidant,
And White & Bright range respectively..

All Things Girl..
Is a joint collaboration between Astro & TVB,
Sponsored by Pure Beauty exclusively at Watsons..

The program will start airing,
On 6 September 2015, at 9pm,
And will be aired on ...
Astro's Wah Lai Toi...
And Wah Lai Toi HD channels respectively!