Friday, December 18, 2015

Training to be Real Princess at Genting

I know....
I'm always very princess-y....
But being Genting Kid Blogger...
I have the chance...
To train myself..
To become a real princess:
The very tough and brave princess!~
I just went through the most amazing experience ever!~
Joining Back to Nature Retreat,
At Awana Genting Long House....
Finished up the whole jungle trekking...
And successfully completed all the challenges...

Mummy thought I wouldn't dare...
She ops for long house stay...
But kor kor and me decided to stay overnight in the real tent...

So eventually,
All of us....
Camping and stay overnight..
Inside one of this very comfy tent...

Woke up pretty early in the morning...
And did our morning exercises!~
Refreshing fresh cool air!~
Makes my mind think clearer!~

Special thanks to my blue sky teammate...
For making me a wonderful and beautiful princess attire....
With all the recycled material....

Jie jie,
I know you'll be one very successful fashion designer!~
I hope I could be a braver person,
If there's another chance:
I'll go up on the stage.....
And present your beautiful design..
To the whole world~~~~

It's really a pamper session...
During my 'training' session..
When I'm surrounded by all sweet stuff!~
Filled my stomach until it's full
At Coffee Terrace, Genting Grand...
Eating their Escape to Wonderland Buffet...

The chocolate pancake is my favourite!~
So so so so so Deeeeeeeelicious!!

Look whom I met in Time Square?
It's mystery guest: Brittany!!!
I watched Alvin and the Chipmunks performances...
Sitting in the very front row...
Being a VIP!~
It's really a privilege,
And I felt so honoured,
To become Genting kid blogger...

Don't forget to catch,
Alvin and the Chipmunks Road Chip...
At Resorts World Genting ya!~


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  1. she's so brave, i think even josiah will look up to her hehe

    1. If Josiah going, he'll also enjoy himself there~ So fun!!!!!

  2. great experience for your dear! i m going there this christmas :)

  3. the 'training' session is so nice with the appearance of alvin and chipmunks!! i wish i am a kid now :P

    1. A great break during the 'training'.. lol hahahahahah~

  4. I want to train myself to real princess also. :P btw, nice activity to hang out! And i saw alvin and the chipmunks!!!

  5. wahhh.. teaining yg bagus utk cuti sekolah.. memang menyeronokkkan

  6. It was an awesome trip for the children to learn about nature.

  7. Oh wow..... a definitely good break....and good training for the princess...

  8. yay, you're now a real life princess, totally enjoying your life up among the clouds of Genting :D

  9. Eventhough just a recycle materials, she really looks like Princess.

  10. O.O I don't know that Genting can get camping... Your kids enjoyed so much! :) Not very cold?

    1. Nope.. It's Awana area... The weather is just nice!~

  11. It's a nice activites for the family. Great event.

  12. What a fun training for kids! Plus Alvin and the Chipmunks appearance adds up to the enjoyment!

  13. What a lovely experience dear - I didn't even know about the camping but it looked liked fun!

  14. Great activity for the kids to learn how to appreciate the beauty of nature, good one Genting :)

  15. ohhh so much fun time camping....

  16. i can the cool weather and the fun. this is awesome