Monday, December 21, 2015

Watsons : Pink by Pure Beauty

Tea time at Hello Kitty Cafe,
Sunway Pyramid...
With Watsons.....
Pink By Pure Beauty:
It's time to get PINK!~

Welcome note by Emcee

Watsons Malaysia,
Proudly present,
Pink by Pure Beauty,
Formulated using,
The unique combination of
PhyotCellTec Alps Rose,
Pink Flower Capsule,
And active natural whitening ingredients,
Which helps to brighten the skin,
And creates a perfect hydration balance,
To reveal a naturally bright pinkish fair skin,
That every young lady wish for..

K-Beauty Grooming Session..
With Stevensunny...
Pre Make Up Skincare Demo
K-Beauty Make up..

So Frash Essence Water,
So Glow Essence,
So Smooth Pudding Cream...
So Blur Cream

The usage of Pink's Beauty range,
Is easy to achieve,
Within 3 steps
To a glowing, luminous pinkish radiant skin..

First step:
Moisture and clarify,
With Pink's So Fresh Essence Water...

2nd step:
To correct and improve,
Where it is recommended,
To apply the so glow Essence,
For normal skin..
And so light Dewy Lotion to dehydration..

To protect and enhance,
With So smooth pudding cream...

As well as So Blur Cream...

PINK by Pure Beauty product range,
Is now available,
At all leading Watsons store nationwide.


  1. What a nice post but i can't focus to another stuff but the hello kitty's tea pot and tea cup. Super cute!

  2. Love the packaging. So pink and pretty

  3. Really like this product range. I bought the pudding cream and the blur cream

  4. i love their pudding cream the most. smells so good!

  5. So lucky! i was suppose to be there too! but i couldnt make it :(

  6. pudding cream?...wah this is new for me

  7. Pink beauty range looks good on me since my skin was quite sensitive. Will try it out.

  8. I was there too that day :) now I am using the blur cream everyday before apply cc cream 😘

  9. I love the Hello Kitty Cafe setup and all the photos take there. Its so dreamy and lovely.

  10. I like these products and want to try them out... huhuhu... and it is so nice launching it at Hello Kitty Cafe... huhuhu

  11. those bottles are so pretty! too bad i did not get to go the other day. =/

  12. like the pink, really girly and sweet looking.

  13. I have been hearing so many good reviews about this brand, would like to try out too :)

  14. pudding cream? not bad.. the ladies have so much choices nowadays ya